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Glass of milk standing on old wooden table Sustainable
05-09-232 min read

Solar Foods-led consortium selected by European Innovation Council to develop novel milk protein using CO2 and electricity

Scenic misty morning in a cornfield
19-07-232 min read

IngredientWerks develops molecular farming technology that grows beef protein in corn

Man wearing glasses and a time smiling Sustainable
10-07-233 min read

The University of Nottingham launches the Food Systems Institute to study and improve the food landscape

four soybeans laid out on white background, two soybeans cut in half, one white hue, one pink hue
28-06-233 min read

Moolec Science develops technology that grows pork protein in soybeans

Young group of students holding cardboard sign, cash prize in auditorium
08-06-235 min read

University of Nottingham students win EcoTrophelia 2023 food innovation awards with mealworm snack bites

Field of amaranth plant flowers Sustainable
07-06-234 min read

Vertical Future receives research grant to develop plant-based protein source from vertically farmed amaranth

Fresh garden peas Sustainable
01-06-233 min read

Pea protein project receives £1m to reduce UK reliance on soya

powdered protein ingredient in small jar with black label, held by hand on green blurred background Sustainable
11-05-232 min read

Farmless secures €1.2 million to develop ‘carbon negative’ microbial protein using renewable energy

Cherry blossom tea garden on the top of the mountain
27-04-232 min read

Scientists in China successfully extract green tea leaf protein which could be used in the plant-based F&B sector

University of Bath campus Sustainable
14-04-233 min read

Government invests £12 million in Cellular Agriculture Manufacturing Hub to develop sustainable protein

UK Prime Minister talking with colleagues in cabinet meeting, all sat on long green table
24-03-235 min read

Gene editing act passed into law in England

Women and man standing in laboratory smelling liquids from small glasses
22-03-233 min read

IFF expands Europe Innovation Hub with two new flavour labs

Male worker using digital tablet in brewery. Full length of professional in formals is working amidst metallic vats
16-03-232 min read

Precision fermentation start-ups found Food Fermentation Europe alliance

Tim Spector
16-03-233 min read

Dragons’ Den’s Steven Bartlett invests £2M in Tim Spector’s personalised nutrition company ZOE

group of mushrooms around a tree trunk Sustainable
14-03-233 min read

Growing mushrooms alongside trees could feed millions and tackle climate change, new research shows

sheep grazing a field Sustainable
23-02-233 min read

Pioneering project to breed 25% greener sheep in Hertfordshire launches

melting chocolate in bowl surrounded by chocolate squares, cocoa powder, and nuts on dark background
13-01-233 min read

Lubrication and fat location in chocolate determine its enjoyability, University of Leeds study shows

chef adding final touches to a dish Sustainable
10-01-234 min read

Last partner spot for Tastes of Better snapped up – guest tickets now available

200K yellow on white
05-01-232 min read

The Food Matters Live podcast hits a record 200K listens

cartoon of a candy land with cupcakes and sweets and candy floss Sustainable
28-12-226 min read

Weird and wonderful news: the quirkiest food headlines of 2022

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