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26-10-21 / 7 min read

10 ingredient discoveries that have shaped the food we eat

26-10-21 / 5 min read

Interview: Food Tech Matters Partner Rockstart on European farming systems and some of its start-up investments

21-10-21 / 3 min read

The future boom of the plant-based sector: how can the industry keep up with the demand?

21-10-21 / 3 min read

Vidya Herbs capitalises on konjac trends with SKIN-CERA®: novel ceramide extract for skin health

20-10-21 / 6 min read

10 most successful food start-ups

19-10-21 / 6 min read

Interview: Food Tech Matters Partner GROW on the agri-foodtech sector in Singapore and its challenges

15-10-21 / 5 min read

Meatless provides seafood solutions as a pioneer of plant-based fish

15-10-21 / 4 min read

Treatt champions the growing premiumisation trend within the beverage sector

12-10-21 / 6 min read

10 mistakes start-ups make and how to avoid them

08-10-21 / 3 min read

Interview: Food Tech Matters Partner Eatable Adventures on the agri-foodtech sector in Spain and desirable start-up qualities

07-10-21 / 3 min read

WholeFiber secures investment from Icos Capital

05-10-21 / 6 min read

Interview: Food Tech Matters Partner SPACE-F on the agri-foodtech sector emerging in Thailand

01-10-21 / 4 min read

Nusrat Kausar interview: my journey into the world of dietetics

01-10-21 / 6 min read

Inspired by nature: TIPA’s compostable packaging could put an end to the use of plastic in the food sector

01-10-21 / 3 min read

AAK’s AKOMEL™ capitalises on current growing premiumisation of caramel trends

01-10-21 / 3 min read

Powder vs liquid: BART revolutionises vitamin C with Liposovit®-C

28-09-21 / 5 min read

Interview: Food Tech Matters Partner Foodland Ventures on the foodtech start-ups coming out of Asia and North America

27-09-21 / 6 min read

Dining Table Tales with…Rachel Roddy

24-09-21 / 2 min read

Digital skills: tackling the food industry’s changing landscape 

24-09-21 / 5 min read

The future of AI within the food and drink industry

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