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illustration of a lab Sustainable
10-05-239 min read

Everything you need to know about precision fermentation

Illustration of female wearing swimming suit jumping in water
04-05-2310 min read

Sports and active nutrition: the trends and products fuelling peak performance

Union Jack made of data Sustainable
25-04-238 min read

Mapping the food system: the race to revolutionise the sector using data

woman's abdomen with fruits and vegetables
21-04-239 min read

Functional nutrition: the role of food in disease prevention and management

man going to eat a cow illustration Sustainable
13-04-2310 min read

Time’s up: reaching ‘peak meat’ and shifting to plant-based is no longer an option, but a need

UK and Australia flags
06-04-2318 min read

UK-Australia Free Trade Agreement: competition or cooperation?

women eating food illustration
31-03-2312 min read

Personalised nutrition: the rise of bespoke diets

concept of a head full of nutritious foods
23-03-239 min read

How nutrition can support mental health: what to eat, what to avoid, and the truth about good mood food

Young female working in field looking at soil sample
21-03-238 min read

Your complete guide to food sustainability courses

Female scientis looking at laptop inside laboratory
21-03-237 min read

Your guide to food innovation courses in the UK

Sperm and Egg 3D Illustration
16-03-2310 min read

Reproductive health: the beneficial role of nutrition in men and women’s fertility

Young female looking around on a street with glass buildings holding piece of paper
16-03-238 min read

Choosing a course for a career in food

Hand drawn sights of Europe on blackboard
10-03-2311 min read

How EU member countries are tackling food sustainability and security with legislations and initiatives

Shot of a focused young factory working doing quality control in a vegetable processing plant
07-03-234 min read

Your guide to food education courses for food safety, food security and more

young woman chocolatier in chef hat with chocolates on plate in a commercial kitchen
07-03-236 min read

Your complete guide to food design courses in London and beyond

Teacher teaching students in the lab at university
07-03-235 min read

Your guide to food production courses in the UK

Young smiling male scientist with clipboard in factory
07-03-236 min read

Your guide to food tech courses in the UK

Two women, laptop, smiling in office
07-03-235 min read

Your guide to food marketing courses in the UK

Young male planting plant cuttings in greenhouse
07-03-236 min read

Your full guide to agronomy training courses in the UK

Female agronomist wearing cap examining leaves of corn crops while using digital tablet in farm
07-03-235 min read

Your guide to agri-tech courses in the UK

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