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How is AIT Ingredients meeting shelf-life consumer demands?

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AUTHOR: Ana Delgado
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With food waste, sustainability, and most recently COP26, at the forefront of everyone’s minds, it is clear to see consumers are increasingly willing to pay more for products that have an extended shelf life. Sources such as the Journal of Food Protection have revealed this growing trend, leading the food and drinks industry to remain in constant search and development of more advanced methods to protect products, such as AIT Ingredients ingredient innovation, the Maxisoft range.

Studies reveal that the shelf-life longevity is a key factor consumers take into consideration when making a food purchase, as a means to both save money and reduce waste. The extended shelf life of food and drink products taps into the consumer demand for more sustainable and waste friendly products. In fact, consumers more than ever are seeking to purchase products that reflect their values and are sourced, produced, and packaged as sustainably as possible.

How is AIT Ingredients meeting shelf-life consumer demands?

AIT Ingredients, one of Food Matters Live’s Global Thought Leaders at the 16-17 November event, is a prime example of industry experts that have identified and are meeting this increase in consumer demand within the sector. AIT Ingredients designs, produces, and markets ingredient solutions for the breadmaking industry worldwide and enzymes, the recognized know-how in formulation, are major assets to offer tailor-made solutions adapted to your specificities.

What AIT products are meeting growing consumer demands?

AIT’s unique ingredient innovation, the Maxisoft range, improves the softness of the crumb, optimises the melt in the mouth and the sensation of freshness, and reduces the resistance of the crumb.

Maxisoft Resilience (2%)

Balanced softness improver with high crumb resilience.

Maxisoft Melting (2%)

Softness improver providing melt in the mouth and flexibility of crumb.

Maxisoft Flexibility (1%)

Balanced clean label improver allowing a great flexibility of the slice of tin bread.

Maxisoft Moisture (1%)

Clean label improver giving a very flexible and humid crumb.

There’s more to learn about this innovative ingredient range at Food Matters Live, in their session:

“AIT Ingredients Discovery Spotlight: SOFTNESS – How to improve the texture of your tin bread?” Inside the Ingredient discovery spotlights content stream which is now available on-demand.

In this session, find out the different softness textures of tin bread and how to manipulate them with AIT Ingredients, key industrial blender for bakery technical solutions. Our experts will also share with you all the details of the natural staling process of tin bread caused by starch retrogradation that impacts the softness of the finished product. And discover AIT softening systems to bake the perfect tin bread in terms of softness texture, freshness and aspect, with speaker Marc Pastor, Area Sales Manager Northern Europe, AIT Ingredients.

About AIT Ingredients

AIT is a key industrial blender for bakery technical solutions such as enzymes, softening systems (tin breads), technological improvers (baguettes), mixes (special breads), malts, sourdoughs, and cereal ingredients (crushed and nutritional).

AIT employs about 215 people with a turnover of 71 million euros for 6 subsidiaries.

AIT belongs to SOUFFLET, key agrifood French group that employs almost 7000 people with 59 production sites in 19 countries for a turnover of 4.9 billion euros.

Group SOUFFLET is made of 10 entities: agriculture, port silos, milling, ingredients, malting, breadmaking industry, fast food, rice & pulses, trading, grapevine services.

The branches of the field wheat-flour-bread of group SOUFFLET are a great asset for AIT that sources its flours, enzymes, cereal ingredients, pulses, malts directly for the group network to the profitability of AIT customers in terms of lead time, availability, and price.


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