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Megan Van Someren, CCO at Jamie Oliver Group speaker headshot
07-02-244 min read

Jamie Oliver Group’s CCO talks consumer trust, food culture and the veggie revolution

A female sports team huddling together to represent gender parity in sports nutrition research
12-12-232 min read

Deep dive: how women are left out of sports nutrition research

07-12-233 min read

Is ‘ultra-processed’ just another way to make us feel ultra-guilty about our food?

03-12-233 min read

The microbiome–metabolism link

Chanterelle mushrooms growing in a forest, representing mycoforestry Sustainable
23-11-233 min read

Could mycoforestry help feed the world and save the planet?

Fruit abstract background, high detail - vector illustrtation
22-11-233 min read

5 consumer trends in health and nutrition for 2023 and beyond

13-11-234 min read

Why C3 Reduct is a powerful blend of the old and the new

Inspiring Nutrition speaker Miriam Ferrer headshot
03-10-236 min read

In conversation with Miriam Ferrer: on consumer trust, “pixie dust” formulation and the food-mood connection…

Speaker headshot for Inspiring Nutrition speaker and Qina CEO Mariette Abrahams
26-09-234 min read

In conversation with Qina CEO Mariette Abrahams: on artificial intelligence, health inequality and the future of precision nutrition 

Speaker headshot and panel information for Emma Piercy, speaking at Inspiring Nutrition
26-09-234 min read

FDF’s Emma Piercy talks greenwashing, food waste, and Ukraine

Inspiring Nutrition Q and A template with Alex Glover headshot
04-09-235 min read

In conversation with Alex Glover: on NOVA, the Kardashians, TikTok, and ‘mock meats’…

a woman staring, surrounded by people Sustainable
01-09-233 min read

Food Matters Live reveals events schedule for 2024

23-08-233 min read

In conversation with Dr Emily Leeming

Young woman laughing while hosting a dinner party for a group of friends
21-08-233 min read

British Nutrition Foundation to coordinate research partnerships tackling UK diet and health challenges

A planet made out of coloured paper surrounded by multiple different coloured hands swarming around
17-08-234 min read

Unpacking the complex drivers of “globesity”

A cardboard cutout of a head with muddled string in the brain and a smily/frowning face. Placed against a yellow background.
15-08-234 min read

The rise in eating disorders and the role of social media

A piece of paper cut into the shape of a world with a knife and fork on either side, held in front of a fruit market to represent World Hunger Day
10-08-235 min read

Tackling hunger in the UK and beyond

Selection of protein powders, on grey tabletop and white circular plate
10-08-232 min read

Arla Foods Ingredients partners with Novozymes to create novel protein ingredients using precision fermentation

group of teenagers
03-08-238 min read

Teenage nutrition: the importance of a healthy diet in adolescence

A piece of chicken on a fork labelled
02-08-234 min read

What’s next for lab-grown meat?

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