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WholeFiber secures investment from Icos Capital

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AUTHOR: Ana Delgado contributor: WholeFiber
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Icos Capital has announced it is backing WholeFiber’s mission to help more people take control of their diet, health, and quality of life by eating more prebiotic fibers. Icos’ funding will be used by WholeFiber to increase production capacity, build further sales pipeline and secure a beach head position in WholeFiber’s target markets. Next to Icos, the investment round includes executives from the food and beverage industry, alongside WholeFiber management and a regional public investor. 

What is WholeFiber?

WholeFiber is a Netherlands based company founded in 2017 that produces minimally processed prebiotic vegetable products containing a unique combination of four prebiotic fibers. The company’s products hold a very low environmental impact and are key to sustaining a beneficial symbiotic relationship between humans and our gut microbial flora. WholeFiber contains the whole package of healthy (prebiotic) fibres and nutrients that are present in a whole chicory root or Jerusalem artichoke tuber. 

In relation to Icos’s investment, Frederik S. Kaper, founder and CEO of WholeFiber commented:

“In building the business from The Netherlands to the international markets, we are looking forward to working with Icos and its corporate partners as well as other investors, to bring our unique value proposition to worldwide food and microbiome health markets.” 

What did Icos have to say on the venture?

Icos Capital is a market leading venture and growth capital investment firm in a uniquely established collaborative venturing model. This model engages corporations and financial institutions in a collaborative partnership to facilitate growth of promising scale-ups. The ICF III collaborative partnership includes three leading European corporations: Royal Cosun, leading European agrifood and biochemicals cooperative headquartered in The Netherlands, and Nouryon.

Peter van Gelderen, Managing Partner at Icos Capital has commented on their WholeFiber investment but sharing: 

“We are excited to have completed this initial investment in WholeFiber, a company with fascinating outlook as it is addressing a pressing health issue with a straightforward and highly effective food product.”

Learn more about WholeFiber, the benefits it brings and its wide array of applications at your Food Matters Live event this 16-17 November where this innovative and ground-breaking brand will be speaking as one of your Ingredient Innovators at the Ingredient Discovery Sessions.

Have a more in-depth look at WholeFiber and what they do by reading ‘WholeFiber, the new natural source of prebiotic fibres’.


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