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Novameat’s 3D-printed vegan steak soon to be available to consumers

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AUTHOR: Stef Bottinelli
novameat 3D-printed vegan steak

Picture: Instagram/Novameat

Spanish start-up Novameat is looking to launch its 3D printed vegan steak to the mass market.

Novameat CEO and founder Giuseppe Scionti, an Italian biomedical engineer, developed the technology to create the plant-based steak in 2018. 

Containing powedered rice, pea protein, algae fibre and beetroot juice for colouring, the raw mixture is pressed through a 3D printer to create the vegetable protein steak, which takes 20-40 minutes. Novameat’s alternative protein is the world’s first micro-extruded fibrous plant-based meat, made using tissue engineering technologies utilised in cell-based meat production.

Scionti has worked with a Spanish restaurateur who specialises in local and exotic meats to perfect the taste and texture of his creation, which resembles beef. The company is now also making a plant-based pork version.

The former bioengineering professor is planning to launch his product on the mass market in 2022 and he’s hoping his plant-based steak will attract vegans and omnivores alike.

Last week Novameat showcased its product and technology at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) receiving favourable reviews, according to Reuters


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