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Michael Mosley to investigate the UK’s obesity epidemic in new documentary

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AUTHOR: Stef Bottinelli
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Broadcaster Michael Mosley will present a documentary on Britain’s obesity epidemic, called Michael Mosley: Who Made Britain Fat?

The two-part series will air on Channel 4 in the spring and will explore the rising numbers of obesity cases in the UK, the causes behind it and the Government policies aiming to tackle the health crisis.

In the first episode, the former doctor will look at the Government proposals to improve national health, speak to political figures such as the former Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne and Baroness Cavendish, former Director of Policy for Prime Minister David Cameron. Baroness Cavendish was pivotal in Cameron’s Government’s decision to pass the The Soft Drinks Industry Levy, commonly known as the sugar tax, in 2018.

In the series, Mosley will also talk to campaigners, including celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. Oliver has been very active in the battle against childhood obesity and has worked tirelessly to improve kids’ nutrition, giving talks and visiting schools as part of his E4 programme Jamie’s School Dinners, where he worked with canteen cooks to create healthier menus for pupils.

In the second episode of the documentary, Michael Mosley will visit British towns and high streets and look at the role supermarkets play in the obesity health crisis and investigate what the local health services are doing to tackle the issue.

Mosley studied psychiatry before becoming disillusioned with the profession and joining the BBC as a trainee assistant producer. He has presented several programmes on science, health and weight loss, including Eat, Fast and Live Longer and Should I Eat Meat? both for BBC2, 21 Day Body Turnaround with Michael Mosley for Channel 4, and
Australia’s Health Revolution for SBS.

The presenter and journalist is also known for popularising the 5:2 diet and is often called in as a weight loss expert by newspapers and TV and radio programmes.

Mosley has openly spoken about suffering with type 2 diabetes, which he reversed through diet and exercise. He said: ““Ever since I discovered that I had type 2 diabetes, back in 2012, and managed to get my blood sugars back to a healthy range by losing weight, I’ve been writing about the dangers of our ever-expanding waistlines. The pandemic has, in turn, contributed to soaring rates of childhood obesity, type 2 diabetes and blood pressure, all linked to our growing love of takeaways and ultra-processed foods. The current government appears keen to do something about it – but will its solutions work? And to what extent have 30 years of policy failure contributed to our stunningly high rates of obesity? It’s desperately important we get this right, so I’m thrilled to be investigating this area for Channel 4. It’s been an eye-opening journey!”

Louisa Compton, Head of News and Current Affairs and Specialist Factual and Sport commented: “How can it be that after 30 years of different government initiatives obesity is still rising at an alarming rate in Britain? We’re really excited that Michael Mosley, having already made two successful series on weight loss for the channel, is taking his considerable expertise to investigate what the UK is getting wrong when it comes to tackling obesity.”  

Adam Vandermark, Commissioning Editor for News and Current Affairs, added: “What will truly solve the obesity crisis in the UK? We’ve had numerous strategies involving huge amounts of public money, but it still remains a major public health issue. Michael Mosley journalistic rigour gets to the root of the problem, and asks if policymakers really are being radical and brave enough to tackle it”

Michael Mosley: Who Made Britain Fat? is due to air in the spring, although Channel 4 have yet to confirm a date.


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