How to communicate the ‘why’ of healthy plant-based diets and products – separating the facts and the fiction

Food Matters Live Masterclass
Thursday 3 March 2021 | 10:00 – 12:00 | £69 + VAT

with Ursula Arens

About this masterclass:

There have been significant shifts towards complete or partial reductions in intakes of meat in the UK diet, although being vegetarian is ‘nothing new’. There are a variety of reasons for these decisions (concerns about animal welfare or sustainability or nutritional health). There are many claims and counter-claims on less-meat eating, leading to confusions and unnecessary debates about nutritional and health issues. This masterclass will present clear and up-to-date information around the science and policy backgrounds behind decisions to consume less animal protein foods.

Masterclass overview

This Masterclass will cover data: lots of lovely data.

What is the actual (not claimed) number of less-meat eaters in the UK? How does this affect nutrient intakes and are they very different from typical UK diets? And how do such diets match official guidance on healthy diets? Vegans are advised to take supplements of vitamin B12, but should other nutrients also be supplemented, and should products marketed as plant-based be fortified? Are claims about health benefits made for plant-based diets valid? Should anyone be advised not to reduce intakes of meat?

The answers to these and many other issues will be discussed, and information presented to support clear conclusions.

Meet your speaker

ursula arens

Ursula Arens

Ursula Arens has a degree in Dietetics, and currently works as a freelance writer and consultant on nutrition.

She is a member of the British Dietetic Association (BDA) and the Nutrition Society, and is also on the committee of the Guild of Health Writers.

She is a monthly columnist for Network Health Digest magazine (read by 8000+ dietitians), and a member of the BDA expert group who produced the report on environmentally sustainable diets, One Blue Dot.    

By the end of the masterclass, you will know:

Learning outcomes

  • Confidence in terminology and data on nutritional aspects of UK diets containing less animal protein foods.
  • What are the health benefits and what are the possible nutrient short-falls, and when should fortification or the use of supplements be advised.
  • The official guidance of government and professional groups, and the needs of population subgroups.

Who should attend the masterclass?

  •  This masterclass is for food scientists, technologists, product developers, investors, entrepreneurs, and marketeers looking to advise or support food products or concepts communicating the ‘how and why’ of healthy plant-based diets and products.

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How to communicate the ‘why’ of healthy plant-based diets and products – Separating the facts and the fiction

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