Launching a Plant-Based Brand: from niche to opportunity

Food Matters Live Masterclass
Tuesday 15 March 2022 | 10:00 – 12:00 | £69 + VAT

with Indy Kaur

About this masterclass:

There’s no denying the scale of the opportunity when entering the plant-based market. But in such a fast-paced and competitive marketplace, how can you carve out a niche and stay one step ahead?

This engaging session will provide you with the basics of what you need to know about the plant-based market, how enter the market successfully and future-proof your brand and business.

Who should attend?

This insightful masterclass is designed for newcomers to the plant-based sector planning to launch a new product, portfolio or brand in a lucrative but challenging space.

If you’re not yet at the product stage but want to know more about the exciting plant-based space, look out for our ‘Introduction to plant-based’ masterclass coming soon! Email for more information….

Learning Outcomes

Meet your speaker

indy kaur from plant futures

Inderpal Kaur

Indy founded Plant-Futures in 2021 following a successful career in the food industry where she worked with some of the world’s leading food companies including Nestle and Mondelez as well as iconic brands such as Gu Puds and retailers including Lidl and most recently Tesco focusing on plant-based strategy and development.

Plant-Futures is a consultancy working with brands and businesses to create commercially viable plant-based solutions & strategies. Our mission is toaccelerate the shift towards a balanced and sustainable food system by developing profitable business opportunities with purpose.

This Masterclass will provide in depth
knowledge on:

1. The basics

– Why is plant-based such an exciting market and why it differs from other food trends

2. Getting it right

– Understanding where your brand fits within the overarching drivers of health, sustainability, and ethical eating and why this will help you with industry conversations

– Plant-based opportunities can seem ‘niche’ – understanding why niche can become a big opportunity in this evolving market

– Timing is key, but you don’t always need to be first to market – understanding the advantages and things to watch out for either way

– Savvy tips for low budgets: what buyers will be looking for you to demonstrate as part of your ‘sell in story’ and how you can prepare for this

3. Future-proof for success 

– Why future-proofing is important and how can you stay one step ahead of the market

– Why you need an NPD pipeline and why sometimes, less can be more!

– Summary of several plant-based organisations offering free industry insights

– How to spot new opportunities, collaborations and be brave!


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Launching a Plant-Based Brand: from niche to opportunity

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