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24-05-22 / 5 min read

“A clear and urgent public health need”: Professor Cathie Martin on her team’s vitamin D-rich gene edited tomatoes

23-05-22 / 3 min read

Tesco and Sainsbury’s commit to HFSS food promotions ban despite Government delay

16-05-22 / 4 min read

Food shortages and inflation will bring social unrest in coming years says World Food Programme’s director

16-05-22 / 4 min read

Government accused of “playing politics with children’s health” as it delays HFSS advertising and multi-buy bans

13-05-22 / 4 min read

Government confirms plans to allow gene editing of crops and animals

10-05-22 / 4 min read

NASA Climate Scientist wins World Food Prize 2022

06-05-22 / 4 min read

Food education should be culturally relevant and sustainability-focussed, says British Nutrition Foundation

04-05-22 / 3 min read

Urgent action needed to get European Region to halt the fast rise of obesity, says WHO report

03-05-22 / 4 min read

EFSA puts validity of European Nutri-Score into question with new study

29-04-22 / 3 min read

UK food bill prices have risen by 6% due to Brexit says new report

27-04-22 / 3 min read

Kellogg’s takes Government to court over incoming HFSS rules

26-04-22 / 3 min read

Unilever to stop advertising food and drink to children under 16

25-04-22 / 2 min read

UK supermarkets begin rationing cooking oil following Ukraine-Russia war supply disruption

22-04-22 / 2 min read

New Natural History GCSE is optimal place to educate students on food production, CLA says

21-04-22 / 2 min read

Developed countries must help mitigate effects of global food crisis, says World Bank head

20-04-22 / 3 min read

Denmark to develop state-controlled climate labelling system for food

19-04-22 / 4 min read

Plant-based industry urge European Commission to offer dedicated funding for sector

11-04-22 / 3 min read

Government publishes guidance on upcoming HFSS regulation

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