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bicycle with a baguette and champagne in its basket
02-12-22 / 4 min read

A week in news: sugar, salt and fat in the spotlight – the latest food and drink headlines 28 November – 2 December

Glass filled with sugar cubes
02-12-22 / 4 min read

Critics call for new approach to sugar reduction as food industry misses voluntary targets

stack of baguettes in a bakery
01-12-22 / 2 min read

The humble baguette joins UNESCO’s heritage list

chocolate and peanut ice cream on dark gray table, top view
29-11-22 / 2 min read

Nestlé to ban marketing of high sugar products to under-16s

aerial shot of doritos bag on blue background
29-11-22 / 3 min read

Fat, sugar and salt in food and drinks down year on year since HFSS law implementation

a crowd of white and red chickens
25-11-22 / 3 min read

Campaigners urge Lidl to sign European Chicken Commitment following factory investigations

empty restaurant with tables and chairs
25-11-22 / 4 min read

A week in news: a ‘toxic’ problem for hospitality – the latest food and drink headlines 21-25 November

woman choosing between produce at a food market
23-11-22 / 3 min read

Gene editing bill read in Lords, but YouGov poll reveals low consumer confidence

loaf of bread
21-11-22 / 8 min read

Spiking energy and ingredient prices: the solutions independent bakers are adopting to stay afloat

A table spread of middle eastern vegan food
18-11-22 / 5 min read

A week in news: the latest food and drink headlines 14-18 November

female farmer planting rice in Africa, Malawi
15-11-22 / 2 min read

World Food Programme facilitates first shipment of Russian fertiliser to Africa since war outbreak

woman working in a food manufacturing plant
14-11-22 / 5 min read

Nearly half of manufacturers have cut or halted investment projects as cost pressures bite, reveals FDF

flag sporting COP27 branding Sustainable
14-11-22 / 5 min read

COP27: innovation investment and support for rural farmers needed as leaders told to ‘adapt or starve’

cityscape of grenoble in france Sustainable
11-11-22 / 4 min read

A week in news: the race to develop a sustainable food system – the latest food and drink headlines 7-11 November

Gran Via in Madrid, Spain Sustainable
10-11-22 / 4 min read

Spain introduces new dietary guidelines recommending limited meat consumption

Luiz Lula
03-11-22 / 4 min read

A week in news: hope for the Amazon reignites – the latest food and drink headlines 31 October – 4 November

food waste Sustainable
02-11-22 / 3 min read

WWF and Tesco call for mandatory farm food waste reporting as millions of tonnes lost

image of two men on poles of differing heights depicting inequality
27-10-22 / 4 min read

A week in news: children and NHS staff going hungry – the latest food and drink headlines 24-28 October

Small toddler boy shows empty bowl sitting at dark wood table with wooden spoon
24-10-22 / 4 min read

Nearly a quarter of a million children in London don’t have access to enough food, report reveals

Newspaper cuttings about inflation, rising consumer prices and economic hardship
21-10-22 / 3 min read

A week in news: food prices hit 42-year high – the latest food and drink headlines 17-21 October

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