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Food Matters Live’s new podcast series Career Conversations launches next week

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AUTHOR: Fiona Holland

Food Matters Live is launching a new podcast series on January 21, 2022, called Career Conversations, which will delve into the most exciting careers in the food and drink industry, featuring renowned industry names and experts.

Each 20-minute episode will explore jobs from chefs, sommeliers, restaurant entrepreneurs and nutritionists to food tech founders, bio-scientists and flavour developers. It will assess what students need to do to achieve their dreams and goals, how much they can earn going into the industry and how their career choices can have a positive impact on the world.

The series will be hosted by Elişa Roche, a chef and food writer who has worked with some of the biggest chefs and brands in the world prior to joining Food Matters Live.

Elişa began her career under the wing of Jamie Oliver, training in his not for profit restaurant Fifteen, and taking part in his Channel 4 show Jamie’s Kitchen. She went on to cook for Prime Ministers and world leaders at No 10 Downing Street, for Prince Charles and the royal family and for celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, U2 and John Travolta. She also worked in the kitchen of Michelin-starred chef Eric Chavot and Gary Lee, head chef at the modern British restaurant, The Ivy.

Having ample experience from working in many facets of the food industry, Elişa now turns her interests towards podcasting and raising awareness about the myriad of careers that are available to young people looking to work in the food and drink sector, no matter their background, ability or starting point.

When asked how she felt about the launch of the first episode, Elişa responded: “I’m a little bit nervous to be honest. This will be my first time podcasting and I think it’s always a bit cringey hearing the sound of your own voice.

That said, how exciting that I’ll be getting to talk to such amazing people at the top of their game in the industry. While I started off as a chef, the food industry is about so much more than the kitchen.

“It would be wonderful if these podcasts helped a student to decide which career they want to follow. Studying, or missing out on studies, can feel so stressful and overwhelming. I really want young people to see that following your passion is always the best option in the end.”

The first episode of Career Conversations will feature one of the UK’s leading nutritionists, Rhiannon Lambert.

She founded Rhitrition in 2016, which is a renowned clinic for weight management, sports nutrition, eating disorders and pre- and post-natal nutrition based in London’s Harley Street. Ever since opening,Rhitrition’s team of highly dedicated and qualified registered nutritionists, dietitian and chartered psychologists help clients improve their lives through what they eat.

Rhiannon has also been a consultant for several major food companies such as Yeo Valley, Deliveroo and Alpro, helping them develop their range of products.

She is also the host of the chart-topping podcast, Food for Thought, which gives listeners evidence-based advice on how to lead a healthier lifestyle.

On top of all these achievements, Rhiannon is the best-selling author of Re-Nourish: A Simple Way to Eat Well which she published in 2017. She has also just released her second book called The Science of Nutrition at the end of 2021, which questions the myths that lie behind certain foods and diets and aims to help readers make educated decisions that will help them follow a healthy diet that best suits them and their body.

In the first episode of the podcast, Elişa will chat with Rhiannon all about her career as a nutritionist and how she got there.

With over 200k followers on Instagram and nearly 19k on Twitter, despite her significant social media status, Rhiannon explains in this episode how an immense level of hard work is still needed to achieve success.

She says: “People think if you have a certain profile online, that it’s come overnight. It’s taken years and years to build my business Rhitrition. 

I started the clinic in 2016. Being self-employed when you have your own business, there’s no off switch. You work weekends, you work evenings, you work all hours and you just fit it in where you can. It’s especially the case now I’m a mother as well, when he naps, I just work, work, work.

You have to be willing to put the graft in. You can’t just turn up to an event and expect that’s going to get you where you need to go.

“And I will say, to be successful you need to maintain your studying. I still study now.” 


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