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10 vegan food courses you should know about

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AUTHOR: Food Matters Live
chef pouring sauce from the spoon on meal

A highly sustainable and sought-after role within the food industry today is that of a plant-based chef

The growing demand for vegan chefs reflects the current issues with our planet, with global warming consistently at the forefront and we as consumers being told to live more sustainably for the benefit of the earth. 

So, what can a vegan food course teach you, and why should you enrol in one?

Why choose a vegan food course?

By completing a vegan food course, you can get on your way to creating delicious animal product-free meals which not only satisfy the kitchen at home but can also attract a growing audience of flexitarians within the out of home sector. 

From discovering new and creative ways of assembling delicious meat- and dairy-free meals to helping more people discover the fantastic flavours found in plant-based foods, vegan food courses are just one way of preparing for the future of food. 

Top vegan food courses in the UK

From learning how to cook delicious plant-based meat alternatives to cater large vegan banquets full of seasonal produce, you can uncover the secrets behind fantastic vegan cooking at one of these schools across the UK. 


One of the best known cookery schools for vegans and vegetarians in the UK, Demuths provides a comprehensive look at quality plant-based cooking through a range of food genres. 

From taking an in-depth look at spices and flavour pallets to learning how to whip up a hearty and delicious winter soup, Demuths offers a huge range of courses which covers numerous different cuisines. 

From traditional Japanese food to delicious Indian meals, each course at Demuths can range from just an evening to a full day, letting you learn around your schedule. 

Learn more about Demuths

Street Food Superstars

Originally coined as a term to describe humble street vendors selling ready-to-eat local foods around the world, street food has grown in stature to include gourmet burgers, artisan hotdogs, and beautifully baked pies. 

Your time on this course will enable you to create amazing vegan street food-style recipes whilst learning how to take full advantage of plant-based ingredients. You’ll also learn how to make a dish feel meaty or ease the transition into veganism with some more recognisable recipes. 

Learn more about the Street Food Superstars vegan food course

Campania and Beyond Southern Italy at London Vegetarian Cooking School

This course, based in Bermondsey, southeast London, can be taken at a cookery school which specialises in vegetarian and vegan cooking. 

During your time on this course, you will discover flavours from around the world. From Lebanon to Southern Italy to Japan, you’ll be exposed to recipes and knowledge of how to use ingredients local to each region. 

The courses available at this school can be tailored to your schedule and learning style. Whether you prefer morning or full-day sessions, your learning will cover a selection of three to eleven recipes to take into your chosen course. 

Learn more about this course here

All About Greens 21-day Challenge

This course takes place over 21 days, covering step-by-step content every day to help you become a vegan cooking pro with a good understanding of how to cater for a plant-based diet. 

You’ll learn about vegan protein sources, how to cook delicious vegan meals from scratch, and how choosing a vegan diet can make a positive impact on climate change. You will also learn how to make the transition to eating vegan food easier for flexitarians and your friends and family, and develop an understanding around how veganism can be an accessible diet. 

Discover the 21-day challenge

Our Lizzy

Based in Malvern, Worcestershire, Our Lizzy cooking school offers fantastic courses for experts, beginners, and everything in between. 

This school has a great selection of courses available, which cover everything from learning about cooking with plant-based meat alternatives to discovering how to make authentic Thai cuisine. 

The classes offered by Our Lizzy are relatively small, meaning you get a lot of attention and time to ask questions throughout the sessions. 

Find out more about Our Lizzy

The Vegan Chef’s online vegan nutrition diploma

Designed to help you understand vegan nutrition, this food course equips you with the knowledge you need to create dishes and meal plans that are not only delicious but packed full of nutrients and vitamins to nourish the body. 

You’ll learn about all the different aspects of nutrition someone will need to consider when they become a vegan, what your role as a food creator or chef is when creating nutritious food, what role macros play in vegan diets, how to create meals that meet the needs of your customer, and more. 

This course takes around 35 hours to work through, however, you may need more time to go over some classes and enhance your understanding of the learning provided. 

Find out more about this vegan food course

Vegan cakes and puddings at Demuths

As well as offering courses around how to create delicious savoury vegan meals, Demuths also provides classes on how to bake plant-based. Although baking without eggs or dairy can seem daunting, or even impossible, this vegan food course equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to become a pro at vegan baking. 

From pastries and breads to delectable cakes, this vegan food course at Demuths helps learners to discover how to replace eggs and dairy in their favourite baking recipes to make almost any recipe vegan. 

You will be introduced to ingredients like chia seeds, aquafaba, and flax alongside the techniques you need to create the lightest of sponge cakes and perfect vegan meringues. You’ll also learn some of the best flavour combinations to use for vegan baking, helping to increase your confidence with vegan recipes. 

Learn more about this vegan food course

All About Greens’ vegan cooking course

Ideal for those who are just starting out in the world of vegan cooking or already have a few skills up their sleeves, this vegan food course helps learners to enhance their cooking with the latest knowledge of vegan cooking. 

This comprehensive vegan food course not only provides you with the skills and knowledge to cook tasty vegan cuisine but also gives you the grounding required to work within a professional environment. You will also gain a fundamental understanding of food and the crucial role it plays in not only our health but the health of our planet. 

Learn more about this vegan food course

The Vegan Chef School’s Vegan Chef Diploma

Over 12 weeks, this vegan food course enables students to grow from keen home cooks to someone knowledgeable and skilled in the creation of delicious vegan cuisine. 

This is a great way of jump-starting your career into a vegan-based cuisine as you will obtain an accredited qualification upon completion. 

This course involves a high proportion of hands-on classes and covers topics such as the creation of innovative and classic recipes, the adaptation of recipes for a vegan crowd, and learning how to use specialist ingredients to take your cooking to the next level. 

Learn more about this vegan food course

Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons

Although you may think the luxury hotel in the Oxfordshire countryside owned by famed chef Raymond Blanc has a more traditional focus on fine dining and service, the classes offered here are certainly not afraid to offer a more contemporary look at things. 

The selections of one and multi-day courses offered here, including discovering the magic of vegetables, herbs, and pulses, are designed to help learners make the most of whatever produce is in season at specific times of the year. 

Take a look at these vegan food courses

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