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Niki Webster Vegan Chef, blogger, author
Podcast / Career Conversations
Podcast / Career Conversations

Career Conversations: Meet the self-taught vegan chef

“The early part of my career was in food marketing roles, which I absolutely loved. But I really felt like I wanted to work for myself.”

And so began a hugely successful career as a vegan chef, food blogger, author and podcast host for Niki Webster.

Perhaps just as well known as the woman behind Rebel Recipes, Niki’s rise to fame would have been difficult to predict when she was a student.

“I did a degree in Sociology and Criminology,” she tells Elisa Roche in the latest episode of Career Conversations.

Her move into the world of food was something of a happy accident: “I just started applying for all sorts of graduate roles.”

Niki ended up working at a breakfast cereal manufacturer, then moved into marketing and social media, where she learned many of the skills that would stand her in good stead in the future.

In this episode, Niki reveals all when it comes to what goes into writing a cook book, and offers some top tips on how to get the most of your Instagram food photos.

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She has advice on how to start out in food photography, food styling, and recipe development.

And she answers the big question: “Have we hit peak vegan chef?”

Niki Webster, Food Blogger, Author, Podcast Host

Niki Webster is an award-winning blogger, a four-times cookbook author and podcast host.

Niki started her journey due to her love of celebrating the wholesome simplicity, vibrancy, flavours and colours of vegetables.

She launched her blog Rebel Recipes in 2015, which has held its own at the forefront of the plant-based sector for more than six years and continues to do so, as the online platform now reaches an army of food-based fans across the globe and transcends into four incredible plant-based cookbooks – Rebel Recipes, Be More Vegan, My Vegan Year and Rainbow Bowls.

Follow Niki on Instagram @rebelrecipes or via her website 

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