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colleagues wearing white coats, hats and blue face masks, working in food processing plant with red peppers
31-08-23 / 3 min read

UK food manufacturers facing ‘chronic labour shortages’ but innovation still a priority, says FDF report

young volunteers collecting rubbish
14-08-23 / 5 min read

The importance of soft skills in the workplace and how to develop them

Women in AI concept vector illustration. Woman controls robotic arm with digital tablet.
27-07-23 / 15 min read

The robot takeover? How AI could change careers in the food and drink sector

People research plants with tablet in greenhouse farm, Sustainable
25-07-23 / 3 min read

Tesco and Harper Adams University launch Future Farmer Programme to help farmers adopt sustainable agriculture practices

Two young female factory workers in factory plant looking at piece of pasta
16-06-23 / 7 min read

Food development courses: everything you need to know

Portrait of beautiful smiling nutritionist looking at camera and showing healthy vegetables in the consultation
16-06-23 / 6 min read

Food nutrition courses you can expect in the UK

Shot of young woman talking with dietician about her health in the consultation
14-06-23 / 5 min read

Comprehensive guide to UK careers in nutrition

Female laboratory technician verifies the quality of vegetables
14-06-23 / 6 min read

What to expect when applying for food science jobs in the UK

supply chain manager checking stock
14-06-23 / 8 min read

What you can expect from food industry jobs in the UK

Collection of packaged food
13-06-23 / 5 min read

Your guide to food packaging courses: training courses, university courses, and more

Shot of a team of creative businesspeople applauding an achievement at work
13-06-23 / 5 min read

Essential soft skills for a career in food and drink

Group of smiling young colleagues walking and talking in modern office Sustainable
13-06-23 / 5 min read

Sustainable food and drink careers: being part of a positive, fairer change in the industry

chef pouring sauce from the spoon on meal
12-06-23 / 7 min read

10 vegan food courses you should know about

Young group of students holding cardboard sign, cash prize in auditorium
08-06-23 / 5 min read

University of Nottingham students win EcoTrophelia 2023 food innovation awards with mealworm snack bites

Male bold chef dressed in black is concentrated on cooking modern molecular dish with pincers and liquid nitrogen. Kitchen background. Molecular cuisine. Food art
06-06-23 / 5 min read

5 fascinating roles in Food Science and Technology

03-05-23 / 6 min read

Everything you need to know about a career in nutrition, with Rhiannon Lambert

food stylist styling food
28-04-23 / 6 min read

Careers in food: 5 roles outside of the kitchen

Young female working in field looking at soil sample
21-03-23 / 8 min read

Your complete guide to food sustainability courses

Female scientis looking at laptop inside laboratory
21-03-23 / 7 min read

Your guide to food innovation courses in the UK

Shot of a focused young factory working doing quality control in a vegetable processing plant
07-03-23 / 4 min read

Your guide to food education courses for food safety, food security and more

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