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Your guide to agri-tech courses in the UK

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Female agronomist wearing cap examining leaves of corn crops while using digital tablet in farm

Agri-tech is all about creating innovative ways in which smarter farming methods can be achieved. 

This field involves using the latest technologies to improve efficiency, sustainability, and profitability across various agricultural areas. 

As climate change and an ever-growing world population are problems at the forefront of the global food industry, we need to develop ways to meet these challenges head-on. 

From an increased demand for food and a greater need for more sustainable farming methods than ever before, agri-tech is crucial for helping the world get better at growing, harvesting, processing and distributing food. 

Agri-tech courses often delve into topics such as: 

  • Crop and animal production systems
  • Global policies and their effects on agriculture
  • Assessment of environmental interactions and management strategies
  • Management of agriculture as a business

What can you expect from agri-tech courses?

Agri-tech courses are all about discovering how the global food industry can provide sustainable and smart alternatives to current farming practices. 

From developing ways to make automated irrigation more efficient and developing innovative software which can predict the likelihood of diseases and pests, to increasing efficiency across each sector, agri-tech courses provide cutting-edge insights into the farming practices of the future. 

The following courses also involve a wide range of assessment methods to determine your final grade. These include written reports, presentations, team-based projects, exams, and dissertations. 

Agricultural Technology BSc (Hons)

With the global demand for food and food security constantly increasing, the agricultural industry must evolve to meet the demands of modern consumers. 

The global population is constantly growing, so the agricultural sector now requires a full understanding of demands concerning food quality, safety, and the environmental impact of modern production methods, all whilst developing more sustainable agricultural practices to protect the planet. 

This agri-tech course enables graduates to gain a fundamental understanding of crop and animal production systems, the sustainability of the agricultural industry, principles of business and economics, and how recent developments in food technology and agriculture can be positive drivers for innovation. 

Core modules include:

  • Applied animal science
  • Applied crop science
  • Enterprise technology
  • Mechanisation and farm buildings
  • Crop production systems
  • Livestock production and management
  • Agri-food business marketing & management
  • Global issues in agriculture
  • Advances in crop and animal science and technology
  • Farm animal health and welfare
  • Policies for environmental sustainability 
  • Business innovation and entrepreneurship

Agri-Food Technology BSc (Hons)

With an emphasis on developing teamwork, communication, innovation, and entrepreneurship skills, this agri-food course provides students with everything they need to understand data, technology, and innovation for a successful career in sustainable food production for the future. 

This course will also provide an important understanding of crop and animal production systems to ensure the availability of food to everyone in society, all while reducing the impact food production systems have on the environment. 

During their time on this agri-tech course, learners will build their understanding of soils, water, and the atmosphere. This knowledge, alongside a thorough understanding of global social, environmental, and business principles, will be essential for developing innovative techniques and technologies which can help farmers and food companies to become more sustainable for the future

Core modules include: 

  • Environmental sciences and sustainability
  • Agricultural biological sciences
  • Agricultural systems and production
  • Environmental monitoring and data analysis
  • Personal and professional development
  • Data management and geographical information systems
  • Remote sensing and database interrogation
  • Population ecology and integrated pest management
  • Food supply chain management
  • Project planning and management
  • Sustainable agricultural management
  • Social and environmental compliance in agri-food
  • Technology integration in the agri-food supply chain
  • Food security

Agri-Tech (Horticulture) BSc (Hons)

This agri-tech course equips students with the essential skills and knowledge required for a successful career within modern horticultural and agricultural industries. 

Develop the skills needed to become a driver of change in sustainable food production for urban environments and meet the current challenges posed by the ever-changing global agricultural sector. This means developing new ways to meet digital, mechanical and biochemical technological issues head-on with innovative solutions, helping producers to make informed decisions with current industry-leading data. 

Designed to help students stay ahead of the curve with technological advancements in the agricultural industry, this agri-tech course also provides graduates with a comprehensive understanding of the latest technologies in the industry. This will include advanced machinery, monitoring technologies, and even genetics. 

Core modules include:

  • Land-based business, strategy and management
  • Urban horticulture
  • Plant production and soil science technology
  • Agronomy and plant health (pest and diseases)
  • Surveying agri-technologies (programmable logic controllers)
  • Mechanisation systems for horticultural production
  • Horticultural production technologies (soil-less)
  • Land-based business and marketing: practices and global contexts

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