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Welcome from the editor: reimagining food

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2 min read
AUTHOR: Stef Bottinelli
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Welcome and thank you for joining me this weekend.

Have you ever disliked a certain type of food, only to love it years later?

As a child I didn’t like avocados, bread, or salad tomatoes. I’d pretty much devour everything else, but these three foods were banned from my plate. As I grew a little older, it didn’t take me long to learn to love these three products (so much so that I went through a period in my teen years where I pretty much just ate bread).
In the same vein, there are foods I used to love that I no longer eat, generally for health or ethical reasons.

Tastes change and so do choices.

“I think we need to just recalibrate here, very significantly. If you say, ‘OK, let’s redesign our food system from scratch, what would it look like?’ It would look nothing like this one.” Author, journalist and environmental activist George Monbiot joins us this week to discuss the environmental impact of how we farm and what we eat. Don’t miss this eye opening interview.

This week it was impossible to miss the gene editing of plants news story. We spoke to Professor Cathie Martin at the John Innes Centre, who discusses her team’s research on vitamin D-rich gene edited tomatoes and tells us why and how gene editing can help our food system and our health.

If you’ve missed it before, we bring you Slow Food: changing the way we eat and preserving traditions one mouthful at a time. Since the 80s, the Italian-born movement has been advocating a simpler, seasonal and more traditional way of eating in harmony with nature. Could we solve environmental and food security issues by looking at the past, as well as the future?

Author and philosopher Julian Baggini looks into The truths and myths about red meat. When it comes to health and nutrition, should Parma ham be treated the same as ultra processed corned beef? Dr Baggini says no. Find out why.

Did you know that many winemakers use animal ingredients in their wines? Read about it in Why animal byproducts are used in wine making, learn how to avoid them and swap them for environmentally friendly, cruelty-free options.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,