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Welcome from the editor: enjoying food

1 min read
italian restaurant

Welcome and thank you for joining me this weekend.

Does Chinese food taste better eaten with chopsticks, is sushi more enjoyable eaten with one’s hands and should champagne be drunk from a wine glass, coupe or flute? Find out in our feature How eating and drinking using the appropriate receptacles and cutlery changes our perception of food and beverages.

With the plentitude of foods available to many of us, it’s easy to forget that certain ingredients and technologies were only developed relatively recently, and we have to thank the scientists that worked tirelessly to bring these innovations to the world. We find out more in 10 ingredient discoveries that have shaped the foods we eat.

HFSS sales have dropped since junk food advertising is banned on London public transport. Londoners have said no to fatty, sugary and over salted foods. Will the rest of Britain follow suit?

Chocolate is everyone’s favourite treat, but its past, and unfortunately its present, is murky to say the least. Listen to The dark history of chocolate before you buy your favourite bar of the stuff next.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,