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Welcome from the editor: 50th

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2 min read
AUTHOR: Stef Bottinelli
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Welcome and thank you for joining me this weekend – for the 50th time!

Can you believe this is my 50th editorial? That’s right, this is Food Matters Weekly‘s 50th edition.

In these 50 weeks we’ve brought you interviews with food experts such as George Monbiot, Tim Lang, Dan Saladino, Patrick Holden, Rachel Roddy, Lawrence Haddad, Karen Betts, Dr Sarah Berry, and Gunhild Stordalen to name a few. Our news and features have covered food psychology, nutrition, innovation, sustainability, ingredients, history, policy, health, retail and consumer insights, science and trends.

My editorials have discussed serious, sometimes personal and occasionally random topics (you can read them all here), with a few characters making the occasional appearance (my grandmother, Rishi Sunak, my PE teacher and Samuel Beckett among others), and of course, a few of my favourite foods.

With this being Food Matters Weekly‘s 50th edition, it also means that it’s our 1st birthday soon, so stay tuned for that.

Remember when blue Smarties went AWOL just over a decade ago? Find out what happened in Banned ingredients: the food additives no longer allowed in the UK and why.

The weather may have gone chilly and rainy, but just less than two months ago, with temperatures hitting the low 40s, it was impossible to find electric fans and blinds in shops – they’d all sold out. Professor Tim G. Benton, Research Director, Environment and Society Programme, Chatham House joins the Food Matters Live Podcast to talk about The long-term impact of Britain’s hottest summer.

No doubt we’ve all been engrossed in the news this week, but with various resignations happening faster than I can write this editorial, a few other stories might have slipped through the net. Fear not, as we bring them to you in our roundup: A week in news: the latest food and drink headlines 17-21 October.

Talking of news, you’d be forgiven for wanting to reach for the bottle with everything that’s going on at the moment, but if you’d rather not wake up with a horrendous hangover, read our piece Everything you need to know about non alcoholic gin. And if you are interested in cutting down your meat, fish and dairy intake, or are looking at improving your diet, don’t miss The best plant-based protein sources.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,



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