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Going back to uni: what you need to know

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With so many rumours flying around going back to uni about COVID-19, teaching and lectures, it’s a confusing time for all. We’ve compiled the top things you need to know before going back to university.

Do I need to be vaccinated?

The government wants all students to be vaccinated, but they won’t exclude those who aren’t. Your university may also prompt you to get jabbed and they will probably have on-site vaccination centres.

Will lectures and seminars go ahead?

Yes and no. Leading Russell Group Universities say staff are preparing for in-person teaching for most seminars, small classes and lab work. Some online teaching will continue.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said students should expect to be taught “in-person and alongside other students”, the BBC found.

Can I go to Freshers Week?

Vaccine passports in nightclubs and other indoor venues in England will be required at the end of this month, the vaccines minister has confirmed. the BBC say.

Nadhim Zahawi said it was the right time to start the scheme for sites with large crowds as all over-18s will have been offered two jabs by then.

Asking people to show certificates with COVID vaccination proof has been criticised by venues and some MPs.

What are my career prospects like?

While some graduates report the job market is more competitive than ever before, numbers show that the job market has been on a post-pandemic recovery, the REC says.

Learning new skills and finding ways to stand out from the crowd will be increasingly important in finding a job after uni.

Did you know?

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