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Inclusion and diversity in the workplace

Food Matters Live Masterclass
Tuesday 10 May 2021 – 9-12pm | £99 + VAT


Did you know…

Diverse teams are 87% better decision-makers than individuals



Companies employing an equal number of men and women manage to produce up to 41% higher revenue (


Diverse companies enjoy 2.3 times higher cash flow per employee (


6.6% of all Fortune 500 companies have women as their CEOs (

This Masterclass:

  1. Understand how ‘Unconscious Bias’ impacts everyday leadership behaviours and decision-making and to help individuals to understand their own biases in order to mitigate these.

2. Explore the seven traits of an Inclusive Leader.

3. Set out the principles and practical application of inclusive leadership – how do inclusive leaders think and what do inclusive leaders do?

4. Demonstrate any potential bias you have by exploring your Trust Circle.

5. Rate your own behaviours against the seven traits of inclusive leadership.

6. Create a set of commitments to be a more Inclusive Leader.





Meet the speaker

Peter Macdonald Hall, Principal Consultant, VERCIDA Consulting

Peter has been delivering diversity, inclusion and leadership development programmes for over 20 years. He brings a wealth of expertise in helping leaders to think creatively and pragmatically about how to leverage diversity and inclusion to positively impact on high team performance.

Peter has supported executive management teams to embed cultural change both in the public and private sectors and he has designed, facilitated and presented bespoke leadership programmes, seeking to challenge assumptions at an executive level to ensure change is meaningful, participative and actioned.

As a trained facilitator and presenter Peter has in-depth knowledge in people engagement.  His engaging and strong facilitation style enables Peter to challenge a leaders’ current ways of thinking and working and as a result, encourages leaders to adopt more inclusive and collaborative work styles.

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Photo of Peter Hall - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Peter Hall

Principal Consultant, VERCIDA