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Baj’s Blazin’ Hot Sauce

Baj’s Blazin’ Hot Sauce

Baj’s Blazin’ Hot Sauce originates from a story many years ago…My family name is Baji, the nurse in Greenwich Hospital who handed me to my mum when I was born thought I looked like a tiny Baji Bird! Since then, it’s kind of stuck as a nick name.

My Dad was an excellent cook always cooking for us, our extended family and neighbours. For my 6th birthday I was brought an al la carte kitchen, which was an amazing kitchen toy – I spent hours playing. From eight I spent lots of time cooking in the kitchen with my Dad and learning the basics. My Dad was so good at making condiments, pickles and sauces and one of his spicy sauces was something we had as a staple – which is now Dad’s original. My Dad passed away 18 years ago.

At Xmas a few years ago I made a batch of my Dad’s chilli Sauce and gave it to all of my friends bottled with a label that I designed. The feedback was overwhelming and my friends asked for more. My sister and I started producing and selling Dad’s Original Hot Sauce in Greenwich Market. The launch was overwhelming and since then I have created three further products; Mum’s Mango Smokin’ Sister and Family Fire as a tribute to my Dad.