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How to win in the direct-to-consumer race

Food Matters Live Masterclass
Tuesday 8 March 2022 | 10:00 – 13:00 | £99 + VAT

with Marine Pajot, Growth and Innovation Director at Manifesto Growth Architects

What are the 5 traits you need to win at direct-to-consumer propositions?

As consumers embrace D2C, brands are challenged to interact and engage with their customers differently, and create propositions that cater to this new set of individual needs and expectations.

D2C is everywhere. From beauty brands to food and beverage, D2C is disrupting the consumer landscape across all categories.

This masterclass, lead by expert Marine Pajot, will teach you what you need to know about designing D2C propositions that deliver value for your consumers, how to make money in D2C and how to execute D2C effectively.

Whether you are D2C first, or managing legacy brands, understanding what makes a good proposition is pivotal to your success.

By the end of this masterclass, you will:

Know what to consider to access the D2C potential of your brand and what capabilities you need to deliver a profitable D2C proposition.

Know how to design the right proposition that will drive lifetime value and engagement of your consumers alongside understanding the importance of insights and our beliefs vs the reality of consumer needs.

Know how to use research tools like online ethnographies and their impact on product positioning and how to better define your innovation KPIs alongside what questions your research should ask.

Be able to plan your own research, thanks to simple dos and don’ts and real life case studies.

Meet other participants sharing similar challenges and put into practice the masterclass learnings.

Be able to walk away with innovation research tools, actionable insights and key take-aways.

Meet Marine

Marine Pajot is the author of the D2C report “Creating Winning D2C propositions in CPG”. She has over 12 years of experience working with senior marketing leaders across industries on their brand, innovation and D2C strategies.

She is a growth strategist, bringing creativity and rigour together to develop compelling value propositions and experience that engage consumers in the long term, that are made for the real world and will drive value.

Before being a Client Director at Manifesto Growth Architects, a boutique consultancy that specialises in innovating value proposition and business models that grow engagement and value such as membership, subscriptions and D2C, Marine worked on brand innovation for TBWA for a range of global brands in New York, Paris and Sao Paulo.

I work with leaders in companies across multiple industries to develop direct-to-consumer propositions to grow in the new world, leveraging a blended skillset of consumer intelligence, innovation, commercial proficiency and delivery.

Marine Pajot,Growth and Innovation Director at Manifesto Growth Architects

Content overview

Part 1: The 5 traits of winning D2C propositions

Through our research we’ve identified five traits of winning D2C propositions, and in Part 1 we’ll go through each of them in detail, using real life examples and success stories. These attributes are sector and industry agnostic, and highlight the value of D2C as a brand building and engagement tool. Understanding what these traits are, and how to incorporate them into your propositions will help you get the most out of D2C, drive engagement and deliver value to your business.

Part 2: D2C in action

There is no better way to learn than to try it so we’ll spend the second half of the masterclass to ideate D2C propositions for your brands leveraging validated frameworks. In group or individually it will be the opportunity to try our frameworks in actions: D2C proposition, D2C Economics, D2C capabilities.

Who should attend?

If you are in marketing or ecommerce, looking for strategies and tools to build your brand, improve consumer engagement or increase revenue selling directly to your consumers. This workshop is for marketers wanting to think creatively and pragmatically about driving brand growth through direct-to-consumer propositions.

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Photo of Marine Pajot - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Marine Pajot

Growth & Innovation Director, Manifesto Growth Architects