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The perfect opportunity to meet students & graduates – Testimonials from last week’s event.

3 min read
AUTHOR: Grace Williams

Nutrition & Science: creating the future of food.

On Thursday 25th February over 200 students and graduates joined our careers event which ran all day with four different insightful webinars. 

The students attending were from a range of disciplines, nutrition, food science, business, food policy, dietetics and spent the day hearing from speakers from The Coca-Cola Company, REAL Kombucha, the Association for Nutrition, Chartwell’s, King’s College London (to name a few) about pursuing a career in nutrition. 

Industry members in the food and drink business also attended this event to meet the fantastic range of budding students and graduates attending them. They arranged 1-2-1 meetings with chosen students to network and chat with them about potential careers in their company. 

Testimonials from this event:

Jenny Paxman, Senior Lecturer in Nutrition, Sheffield Hallam University 
“We offered the opportunity for all students and staff to attend the February Food Matters Careers event. Contributions from really significant figures in the Nutrition and Food Science arena made the event exciting, relevant and attractive for our students and the discussions were really informative. It was particularly pleasing to hear how valuable the speakers felt applied learning and a good understanding of the wider workings of the food industry was to those seeking a career in either Nutrition or Food Science. We’re really looking forward to the next event.”

Emily Stephens, Nutritionist, The Good Eating Company

“The events hosted by Food Matters Careers are a fantastic opportunity for nutrition graduates and students to gain an insight into what a career in the food industry may look like, the different roles available and what skills are advantageous to have.

A career in nutrition can look vary different and so being able to hear from professionals from lots of different areas in the food industry and academia may help you get a greater understanding about the areas you may like to peruse.

I really wish these events were around when I was a student!”

Iona Hudson,  MSc Nutrition with Obesity and Weight Management Student, Sheffield Hallam University

“I really enjoyed this event overall! It was great to hear about the whole range of careers available in the industry as well as great tips for finding jobs and developing skills to make yourself stand out. All of the speakers were really engaging and I appreciated how interactive the talks were by incorporating questions from the audience. As somebody doing a master’s in Nutrition after an undergraduate degree in a unrelated subject, I still feel quite new to the field. So the most valuable thing I learnt from this event was understanding a bit more about the different types of roles and sectors that nutrition graduates go into and what those jobs involve!”

Selina Patel, Final year BSc Human Nutrition Student, University of Westminster.

“I left the event feeling informed, motivated and inspired by all the speakers. There was a good range of relevant topics covered in the sessions where I took away some valuable points. I learned the importance of knowing how to communicate science to different audiences, building a network, taking time to reflect and gaining other skills outside of nutrition such as business finance can all be of real benefit to our nutrition careers.”