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Eat Just partners with Infinite Foods to launch plant-based egg in South Africa

2 min read
AUTHOR: Tilly St Aubyn

San Francisco-based start-up Eat Just has partnered with South African company Infinite Foods to launch its plant-based egg product in South Africa.

Made using protein-rich mung beans and mixed with turmeric to create a natural golden colour, the plant-based JUST Egg Folded product is in the form of a pattie and can be heated in a toaster, pan, microwave or oven. It contains 7g of protein and is free from soy, nuts, gluten, wheat and also cholesterol.

Eat Just also produce two other plant-based egg products which are JUST Egg, a liquid pouring scrambled egg mixture, and JUST Egg Sous Vide, a breakfast bite made using JUST Egg with potatoes and spices added, although they will not be launched in South Africa at the moment.

Eat Just’s plant-based egg products use 98% less water and 86% less land than conventional animal sources and have a 93% smaller carbon footprint, says the company website. It says to have sold the equivalent of more than 160 million eggs since July 2021.

Infinite Foods is a Johannesburg based company bringing plant-based foods to the Sub-Saharan African market. Other products sold on the platform include Oatly, Beyond Meat and Miyoko’s Creamery.

CEO of Infinite Foods, Michelle Adelman said: “Eat Just is an innovative company on the forefront of food technology, making them an amazing partner to help Infinite Foods address the food security, health, and sustainability issues we face in Africa,” according to Plant Based News.

CEO of Eat Just, Josh Tetrick said of Infinite Foods: “They bring invaluable expertise to reach the African consumer and have the value chain to support us in delivering this ground-breaking product to consumers at home and in restaurants.”