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5 steps to find your dream job on LinkedIn

3 min read
AUTHOR: Jack Simpson

Step 1

Skills assessment: Choose 3 of your best skills or qualities

Are you creative, personable, organised, good with numbers or maybe a great researcher? Analyse your qualities based on past experiences in jobs or at university. Pick 3 of your strengths and think about how these qualities might be transferrable to the workplace. For example, you’re extremely personable, you might thrive in sales. Use this self-assessment tool if you are stuck.

Step 2

Go to Linkedin and in ‘jobs’ type your best quality or skill in the search bar

For example, if your natural flair for creativity is your best asset, type ‘creative’ into the search bar. At this stage, the aim is to start being exposed to jobs that you didn’t know existed and in which at first sight, begin to make you feel inspired. The transition from university to industry is all made possible by possessing transferable skills. Make yourself aware of these skills you possess!  Start to think about how you can transfer your skills into the professional world.

Step 3

View all the different Job titles that appear

Scroll through the different jobs. Click on the job role that resonates well with you and read the job description. Start to analyse whether your skills and qualities are transferable to what the job role requires. If not, that’s okay! Look for your desired job role at another company or go back and type in a different skill. Sometimes job titles don’t tell the full story; dive into the job description and get to know what your daily tasks might look like. Immerse yourself in the world of jobs until you discover a role that you feel was made for you.

Step 4

Search for companies who you dream of working for

Search your new role into the ‘jobs’ tab on their page and see if your role appears. The right company is a crucial part of finding your ideal role so look for a company whose values align with yours. If your desired job role doesn’t show up, that’s okay, look through the employees of the company and see if anyone works in a similar role to the one you found. The variations of job roles are limitless.

Step 5

Network with people within the company

Network with employees who work similar roles and find out what skills or traits you should improve to get to that position. If the company are hiring for your desired job role, read the job description well, adjust your CV accordingly to highlight all the traits and skill the company are looking for, and go ahead and apply!