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Establish your brand personality as a must-have for your brand strategy

Food Matters Live Masterclass
Wednesday 14 July 2021 | 10am – 1pm | £99 + VAT


Did you know…

51% of consumers have purchased from a brand for the way they spoke online.

(Source: Adzooma)


56% of consumers have unfollowed a brand as a result of the way they speak online (


86% of consumers strongly favour brands that are perceived as authentic and honest (HubSpot).


Brands with strong personalities offer 31% greater revenue growth, 3 times faster profit growth and 31% higher shareholder return (

This Masterclass:

In this masterclass, consumer psychologist and consultant Kate Nightingale ran attendees through the process of establishing their Brand Personality.

Brand Personality is a crucial start of any robust brand strategy which is a requirement by any potential investor. It allows you to ensure brand consistency which leads to brand authenticity and brand trust.

Attendees also worked on how to best apply their new Brand Personality to their brand design, tone of voice, web design and even packaging/shelf display/store design, as well as to their overall customer experience through a workshop.

Who should’ve attended?

This workshop was perfect for start-ups (pre-launch to about three years old) and scale-ups, especially those expecting strong growth and those looking for investors. Once the work done in the workshop had been applied, attendees would have noticed higher brand consistency, better customer experience and engagement. 



By the end of this masterclass, attendees would:


Have a stronger clarity on their brand strategy.


Be able to shape a brand personality that resonates with who their audience is.


Know how to bring their brand persona to life visually and how to define their brand’s tone of voice



Meet the speaker

Kate Nightingale, Founder of Style Psychology Ltd and consumer psychologist and human brands expert.

Style Psychology Ltd, is a HUMAN experience consultancy with a twist. It is a new view on consumer business stemming from an old view on the human. Our unique formula mixes decades of scientific wisdom on human behaviour, with our team’s unrivalled experience in consumer business and creative thinking unlike any other. Our mission is to create better world by making brands more HUMAN.

Kate works with retail, hospitality and tech brands across brand strategy, customer experience, design, and innovation. She has consulted for Swarovski on their new store concept introduced in Europe late 2019. In 2019, she advised a homeware retailer Dowsing & Reynolds on the design of their first physical retail store which headlined in press as ‘a store that could help save the high street’. She worked with a revolutionary sofa in a box brand Snug on their original brand strategy, branding and customer experience as well as its update in 2020. Kate is also especially passionate about working with meaningful brands that want to make a difference. That is why in 2020 she has taken on as a client a fashion manufacturer building a truly sustainable and ethical fashion brand in casual and leisure wear.

Outside of her work with brands of all sizes, Kate is continuously approached by various insight agencies to provide her expertise on multitude of subjects from the future of placemaking, changing face of masculinity to the future of socialising post-COVID19.

Kate is also a lecturer in consumer psychology, consumer behaviour and customer experience at Regent’s University, London College of Fashion and ELLE Education. She speaks at numerous industry conferences (Future Stores, eTail Europe, Future Branches, Global Female Leaders) and is often approached by press including appearing on Sky News, BBC News and Channel 4 News.

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Photo of Kate Nightingale - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Kate Nightingale

Founder of Style Psychology Ltd, Style Psychology