Environmental & Sustainability Careers

Graduate careers in environmental science and sustainability in the food industry

So, you have a degree in biochemistry…

Skills you have that companies look for:

The food and drink industry values your skills for many different job roles

For a career which is changing the way we live, make food your future.

You could be a:

Environmental Scientist

Environmental Manager

Environmental Consultant

Sustainable Supply Chain Manager

Sustainability Consultant

CSR Officer

field of corn in the UAE

Did you know?

Global food systems include the entire process of growing, harvesting, processing, packaging, transporting, consuming and disposing of food. They account for over one third of greenhouse gases, occupy half of the world’s habitable land, account for 70% of our fresh water consumption and are the single biggest cause of biodiversity loss.

An understanding of the natural world and what is in it is a source of not only great curiosity but great fulfilment.

David Attenborough

Environmental awareness is essential for food & drink companies

Consumer demand for environmentally conscious brands means F&D companies are embracing sustainable business practices. They are striving to create a global sustainable food system, fit for the future.

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