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Everything you need to know about food development consultants

4 min read
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When it comes to inventing and designing a brand-new food or beverage concept, there are a lot of complex steps involved in making that idea a success. You may not realise how much goes into the process of a brand-new product launch, and food development consultants are here to ensure the launch goes smoothly.

In this article, we explain what the process of working with a food development consultant can look like, and why you should work alongside an expert food development consultant when launching brand-new food and drink products.

Perfecting the recipe

A food product development consultant will work alongside chefs and food technologists to refine the recipe proposal for a product. The personal consultant will consider any opportunities the item has for commercialisation, as well as any challenges that lie in the way of launch and how best to overcome them. 

They will also develop a plan for how the product can compete with similar items in supermarkets, and anywhere you desire your product to be sold. This process can look like this:

  • A chef will make a small number of samples of the recipe which include the most sought-after flavours.
  • After numerous testings, the samples will be narrowed down to a small selection of flavours which are all unique from each other, and are expected to do well on the market.
  • Working alongside expert food scientists in a laboratory, the chef will create a final commercial recipe and production model. They will identify commercial ingredients, develop nutritional facts for the rear of the packaging, remove potentially harmful pathogens, and try to maximise the product’s shelf life.

Helping you design winning packaging

There is a lot which goes into the creation of great food packaging, and great packaging is one of the critical elements for making your product succeed on the market. Not only does it make it more appealing to consumers, but it also helps to give your target audience an insight into who you are as a brand – as well as helping them to recognise what audience your product is for.  

A food product development consultant can help you design your brand logo, register your trademark, and recommend types of packaging that can increase shelf life of your product.

Food development consultants help your product stand out

An expert food development consultant will know the market you are aiming for, and the competitive environment of your product well. Additionally, they will be able to help you avoid making the same mistakes as other new food brands. 

Food product development consultants will use their expertise to conduct market analysis, helping to target the product the right audience for the best engagement levels, and prepare a price list which remains competitive and develop sales presentation materials which stand out when it comes to launching your product. 

Why are food product development consultants so important?

If you want your new food product to sell, you’ll need an expert who respects your idea and ensures it succeeds. The process of bringing a product from idea to supermarket can vary massively, as it will depend on your product and your market. 

Your food development consultant should be able to ensure your recipe is unique, the packaging is as best as it can be, and that you are in a good place to make your product stand out.

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