Student food waste start-up KnoWaste wins £10k

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AUTHOR: Grace Williams

Four Bristol University students have developed an app called KnoWaste that aims to reduce food waste in the education sector by 50%.

Did you know?

UK schools, colleges and universities throw away 150M tonnes of food each year, at a cost of around £250M.

The new app works by asking students to choose their meals one week in advance. This means caterers no longer need to over-order produce which they later end up wasting.

A winning idea

The developers have calculated that this simple change could reduce a school/institutions overall costs by 6%.

The students, Sophie Elliott, Edward Stratton, Charlie Royle and Kesta Kemp won £10,000 from the University of Bristol’s Runway Entrepreneurship Competition to spend on turning their innovative business idea into a real business.

Another feature of KnoWaste is that it shows students the environmental impact of each meal, allowing them to make more informed decisions.

The start-up call themselves a SaaS based pre-order system and educational platform that cuts household food waste by up to 50% saving consumers 11p per meal all whilst improving the dining experience.

Three types of waste

KnoWaste say there are three types of waste at university catered halls.

  1. Plate waste – food that isn’t eaten at the end of a meal and typically accounts for up to 25% of total food waste
  2. Overproduction – the excess food produced for a catering service and typically accounts for 35-45% of total food waste
  3. Spoilage – the food that doesn’t end up being used during the production process and typically accounts for 8% of total food waste

They say it increases diners’ satisfaction and creates more waste-conscious students.

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Are you a student or graduate interested in a career in food? Find out more at Food Matters Careers Week.

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