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Galam GOFOS™: an opportunity in challenging times

3 min read

Galam’s GOFOS™ (sc-FOS) is a sweet, soluble, prebiotic fibre, derived from sugar-beet and used in various food and nutraceutical applications. Thanks to high market demands, the company is currently considering a capacity increase.

“GOFOS™ is walking hand in hand with many nutritional trends and claims dominating the market”, says Amnon Berger, Galam’s EU sales manager. This is the main reason why GOFOS™ was so well-received globally. Almost all brand owners, manufacturers and NPD technologists are following trends such as sugar reduction, fibre enrichment, functional prebiotics, plant-based ingredients, healthier nutrition, wellness, gut-health, nutrition and immune system, vegan foods, low glycaemic index, clean label, free from and gluten free.

“GOFOS™ fits all these trends and claims perfectly. For each trend there are multiple categories and applications where GOFOS™ can easily be formulated.”

In addition to its health and nutritional benefits, GOFOS™ has functional contributions to food formulations as a binder with similar performance as sugar, while maintaining the bulking characteristics in sugar replacement recipe renovations.
GOFOS™ also has a unique ability balancing and masking off-taste as well rounding-up overall taste profile of F&B products. Additionally, GOFOS™ perform synergistically with various sweeteners and flavours, which contributes to additional manufacturer’s benefits and savings.

Another factor that contributes to GOFOS™ success in 2020, is its role as an inulin alternative. “A climate of too cold winters and too humid spring seasons have reduced chicory harvests, affecting inulin availability. Many manufactures have found GOFOS™ as a reliable source to reduce their dependency on inulin, exposing GOFOS™ to new markets we haven’t anticipated when originally launching the product in Europe”, said Berger. With superior prebiotic and sweetening advantages, GOFOS™ has substantially renovated former inulin recipes of many F&B and supplements manufacturers.

Versatility has also contributed to GOFOS™ global acceptance: GOFOS™ is applicable for almost any type of food category. These include:

• Cereals and bar, including breakfast cereals, muesli, granola, protein bars, nutritional bars and more.
• Bakery, including cakes, cookies, crackers, wafers and more.
• Dairy, including dairy & non-dairy beverages, deserts & puddings, yogurts, Ice-Cream and more.
• Chocolates, including spreads, non-added sugar & sugar reduces Chocolates and more.
• Powder F&B mixes, including dry mixes of hot and cold drinks, deserts dry mixes and more.
• Solid nutraceutical mixes such as supplements of fibres, protein, minerals, vitamins, gut health, probiotics and prebiotic and more.
• Baby food, including infant milk formulas, baby and children nutrition and more.
• Sweeteners, including liquid and powder table-top products and tailor-made sweetening solutions.

If you want to learn more about Galam’s GOFOS™, please contact us at: