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Two pieces of toast on a plate. One smiling, the other sad
Podcast / Inside Food science
Podcast / Inside Food science

You are what you eat – the link between nutrition and stress

Over the past few years there has been increasing public discussion of mental health. 

The food industry is a big part of this trend, with foods, supplements and nutraceuticals promising to boost energy, aid concentration, and banish lethargy.

The relationship between nutrition and mood is complex. 

So increasing our understanding of this area seems really important, not just for consumers hoping to lift their mood or reduce anxiety, but for the food industry too.

But this a world where on the one hand there is pseudo-science and creative marketing, and on the other very generalised government advice; think 5 a day and plenty of exercise.

So how should consumers find their way to a diet which can really help mental wellbeing? 

And what lessons from science should the food industry be taking on board?

Jackie Lynch, Nutritionist

Award-winning nutritionist and author, Jackie Lynch is the founder of the WellWellWell nutrition clinic, where she specialises in women’s health and the menopause.

Keen to break the taboo about discussing the menopause, she launched the hugely popular diet & lifestyle podcast The Happy Menopause in 2019 and her latest book, The Happy Menopause: Smart Nutrition to Help You Flourish is out now. 

She is also the author of Va Va Voom; The 10-Day Energy Diet (Headline, 2017) and The Right Bite: Smart Food Choices for Eating on the Go (Nourish, 2016).  

Jackie’s advice features in a range of national media and she has appeared as a guest expert on radio and TV, including Channel 4’s Superfoods. 

Jackie’s nutrition clinic was recognised as Menopause Nutrition Clinic of the Year in the 2021 and 2022 London & South-East Prestige Awards. She is also a Guardian Masterclass tutor.

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