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Noodles being held above a bowl of ramen with chopsticks
Podcast / Food Futures
Podcast / Food Futures

Will Japan be the centre of the next plant-based boom?

When you think of Japanese food it’s unlikely that you’d think of plant-based meat alternatives. With a diet rich in fish and meat you’re more likely to think of Wagyu beef or some freshly made sushi delicacy, however the scene in Japan is changing thanks to food-tech start-ups like Next Meats. With products like the NEXT Egg 1.0, a dairy-free egg product, and the NEXT Yakiniku barbecue meat alternative products the company is looking to deliver tasty meat and dairy alternatives to the world from Japan.

On this episode we’re joined by Saaya Matsukubo, US Area Manager, Next Meats, who will explain the rich plant-based culture that has existed in Japan for a long time,  how the market for plant-based meat alternatives is growing there, and their ambitions for global expansion for their brand. Join us to hear how Japan might be the perfect location for the next explosion of plant-based innovation.

About Next Meats

Next Meats Co, the alternative meat venture company from Tokyo, is known for commercialising the world’s first vegan Japanese barbecue meat analogues—the NEXT Yakiniku series, as well as the NEXT Gyudon, which is a vegan simulation of the traditional Japanese beef bowl.

Based in Tokyo, Next Meats is a food-tech venture company that specialises in the research and development of Japanese-style alternative meat products. Its journey of product development began in 2017, and the company was officially established in June of 2020. In December 2020 they announced their partnership with Toyota- Tsusho Corporation, and was listed on the American OTCBB in January of 2021.

The company is currently rapidly expanding their presence to over 9 countries. They plan to research various types of alternative proteins in the future and aim to replace all animal meats by 2050.

Next Meats has recently gained attention for successfully developing an alternative egg product, the NEXT Egg 1.0, and also launching the NEXT Yakiniku in the U.S. and selling out their first release of products in a day.

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