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Chinese tea
Podcast / The history of…
Podcast / The history of…

The history of tea – from ancient China to kombucha

The history of tea is as interesting and varied as the drink itself.

In this episode we delve into that history to see what the past can offer present day tea makers.

Stefan Gates is joined by Will Battle, Managing Director at Fine Tea Merchants, and author of the World Tea Encyclopaedia.

They look back at the role tea has played in the economy of the world, in the past and today.

The history of tea includes its use as a currency and how smuggling brought it to the masses in the UK.

We also learn why one tiny parcel of tea was once worth more than a limousine.

Will Battle, Managing Director, Fine Tea Merchants

Will Battle is Managing Director of Fine Tea Merchants Ltd, a business-to-business tea importing, trading and wholesale company.

Will’s critically-acclaimed book The World Tea Encyclopaedia is in its second edition and won a ‘Best in the World’ award at The Gourmand World Cookbook awards.

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