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Podcast / Food Futures
Podcast / Food Futures

The future of food – a look at consumer trends with WGSN

WGSN identify patterns and trends from millions of social media posts and online retail shelf data. This proprietary combination of technology, data science and human ingenuity gives a valuable visualisation of how trends will shape the future of food.

In this episode of the Table Talk Podcast we find out how WGSN use social and consumer market data to identify the consumer trends that will shape the future of food, and find out what they feel will be the trends that will define 2021.

Find out how WGSN food reports can help you here.

About our panel

Kara Nielsen, Director, WGSN Food & Drink

An established food trend expert, Kara leads WGSN’s team of strategists in creating insightful reports and forecasts on global food and drink trends. Kara has years of experience in the strategic innovation sector, researching, writing and speaking about how to translate trends for new product development. She has shared insights with numerous food brands and previously worked at CCD Innovation, Sterling-Rice Group and CEB Iconoculture Consumer Insights.

Based in San Francisco, Kara has experience as a restaurant pastry chef and holds a master’s degree in food studies.

Jennifer Creevy, Head of WGSN Food & Drink

Jen heads up a global team of food and drink strategists, analysts and trend forecasters. Always starting with customer insight, she delivers data-led trend content that enables clients to make confident decisions.

Having worked in the food and drink space for over 15 years, Jen has consulted with brands across the globe to develop future strategies. As content director of Retail Week, she set the vision for its intelligence resource, Retail Week Prospect, to provide access to the strategies and financial data of UK retailers.

Jen is passionate about the natural world and is a member of several conservation groups.

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