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Rowan Berries being held by a woman
Podcast / Inside Food science
Podcast / Inside Food science

The challenge of increasing shelf-life without additives

In the battle against food waste, increasing the shelf-life of products is one weapon we have at our disposal.

The latest figures suggest we still produce around 143kg of waste per person per year in the UK.

But many traditional methods of increasing shelf-life don’t fit with consumer concerns about healthy eating – additives, salt, sugar and fat just aren’t on trend.

And those manufacturers keen to have as clean a label as possible aren’t generally shouting from the rooftops about the presence of Nisin or Trisodium Phosphate.

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In this episode of the Table Talk podcast, made in partnership with Millbo, we look at one potential solution to the conundrum.

Millbo says X-tra Guard can increase shelf-life by around six days and, crucially, it is made entirely from Rowan berries.

That means it ticks the box when it comes to having a clean label.

Find out how the company found the solution, how they negotiate the regulatory landscape, and why consumers are leading the clean label charge.

Arpit Wason, Vice President- Enzymes & Shelf-life Solutions, Millbo

Arpit joined Millbo in June 2021 as Vice President Enzymes and shelf-life solutions. Arpit holds a Masters’ degree in Molecular Biotechnology from Bonn university and worked as Research scientist in Biochemistry at Cologne, Germany.

Arpit has worked with different enzyme manufacturers and uses his knowledge to support the development of enzymes and shelf-life solutions.

Janet Maidment, Area Manager, Millbo

Janet Maidment has many years’ experience in the food industry, primarily bakery ingredient sales, mostly in exports.  This has included cake ingredients, and bakery flour and bread products. 

She has worked for Millbo for over 15 years and is currently Senior Business Development Manager, with responsibility for the UK and Ireland, plus a number of other countries, including Australia and New Zealand

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