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How to deliver product longevity in the clean label way

Masterclass brought to you by Millbo

Wednesday 18 May 2022 | 10:30 – 12:30 | £20 + VAT

About this masterclass:

Join experts from Millbo to discover how to enhance the shelf-life of your food products without additives.
This masterclass will explore how to effectively apply X-tra Guard: the botanical extract from the Rowan berry which can used in a huge variety of foods and beverages. Millbo will provide insight into the application from a technical viewpoint, its practical use, and legal regulatory information.
You will also discover how fermented flour is a product with a proven track record in the bakery industry as it is widely used as the clean label alternative to calcium propionate. The use of a special enzyme is the way to control staling which poses a solution to the two main issues facing the bakery industry: shelf-life longevity; mould and staling.

Why you should attend

Join this masterclass if you’re looking to prolong the longevity of food products and beverages with clean label ingredients. 

Clean label is becoming increasingly important to the major multiples and consumers, at the same time having products that have extended shelf life. This is a challenge facing food manufacturers today. Millbio can offer the solution through botanicals and fermentation.

Who should attend:

The challenge of increasing shelf-life without additives – in this episode of the Table Talk podcast, in partnership with Millbo, we look into how X-tra Guard can increase shelf-life.

Meet your speakers

Alessandro Boggiani

Alessandro Boggiani is CEO at Millbo. After gaining a masters in law, Alessandro has over 40 years experience as CEO and Managing Director in food ingredients companies.

Alessandro is highly specialised in food ingredients and market trends. He has led the strengthening of Millbo’s presence in the food market by increasing exposure to customers who contribute to a healthier and more sustainable global food supply chain.

Phil Stroud

Dr. Phil Stroud has a background in Chemistry and 23 years experience with value added food ingredients and flavours across a wide range of different food applications. 

He has held senior international roles in business management, sales, product management, product development and B2B marketing during his career.

His most recent area of focus has been clean label anti-microbial solutions for managing shelf-life, a topic of high and growing interest around the world.

Sara Scardino

Sara Scardino, Head of Research and development at Millbo, is responsible for innovation and leads the main projects of the R&D departments – the heart and the brain of the company.

After receiving her degree in Food Science and Technology, with a thesis on the theme of the valorization of buckwheat bran in bakery products fibre enriched, she started to focus on the industrial bakery sector developing a deep knowledge in the new ingredients formulation.

Giorgia Andreis

Giorgia Andreis has been a partner of the firm Andreis and Associates, specialising in food law, with offices in Turin and Milan for several years. Giorgia deals with legal advice on the production and presentation of food, feed and MOCA, and with the management of disputes before ordinary justice and before the competent administrative authorities. Therefore, she assists operators during the process of production, presentation and distribution of the product, also following them in relations with suppliers, consumers and trade, in relations with trade associations and public authorities, and in the management of crises and ” special situations “. She intervenes as a speaker and teacher at conferences, seminars and courses, writes in various sector magazines and has published some treatises on the subject.

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The recipe for quality starts with expertise on ingredients. That is why we at Millbo are always seeking solutions that can combine nature and innovation. In close synergy with our customers, research for us is a constant evolving development. Only from our in-depth knowledge of raw materials and from the meticulous study of individual oven-baked products,  a winning solution can  be…

What you need to know…


Online, via our Food Matters Live digital event platform


18 May, 10:30

How long:

2 hours


£20 + VAT

Food Matters Ticket

How to deliver product longevity in the clean label way

£20.00 + VAT