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Podcast / The Big Issues
Podcast / The Big Issues

Semaglutide – a game-changer for the obesity crisis?

In England, more people living with obesity will soon have access to the latest weight loss drugs following the announcement of a £40 million two-year pilot scheme.

It comes after NICE, the organisation that publishes guidance on the use of new treatments, gave approval for the medical use of the appetite suppressant semaglutide, marketed as Wegovy, earlier this year.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has stated that the new drug could be a “game-changer” for the obesity epidemic, especially with obesity costing the NHS £6bn a year.

But critics say patients put the weight back on after stopping treatment.

So how effective is semaglutide? Are we committing people to a lifetime of treatment? And what could it all mean for the fight against obesity?

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