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Podcast / Food Futures
Podcast / Food Futures

Overcoming label-friendly challenges in culinary products

Consumers attitudes towards food are continuously evolving, as is the way they look at ingredient labels. How has the label-friendly trend evolved, what are the challenges for manufacturers of culinary products when trying to shift to cleaner labels, and what opportunities exist for reformulation with more familiar ingredients?

Joining us on this episode of Table Talk, in partnership with Cargill, are a panel of experts will answer these broad questions as well as give some practical examples. Joining us are Fiona Barnett, Business Development Manager Starch, Mike Baumber, Technical Account Manager, and Matthias Bourdeau, Marketing Manager. Listen in to get a unique insight on the label-friendly movement.

For more information on Cargill’s offer of label-friendly functional starches, go to 

About our panel

Matthias Bourdeau

Working for the Nielsen Company and other research agencies, Matthias gained over 10 years of experience in consulting packaged food and beverage manufacturers across Europe and Africa on marketing their products in retail. Since joining Cargill’s Starches, Sweeteners and Texturizers’ Business Marketing team three years ago, he supports new product launches and drives marketing campaigns. He is passionate about consumer research and market positioning. Matthias is based in Belgium and is a proud new dad.

Michael Baumber

Technical Account Manager for culinary and bakery customers in the UK. Mike’s role is primarily customer facing. He works together with customers’ in identifying solutions to their formulation challenges and helps them optimise Cargill’s ingredients. With Cargill for 5+ years, Mike has experience in jam manufacturing and has worked with other ingredient companies, as well as spending 8 years working as a chef prior to university. Mike is based in Manchester, UK with 3 kids, one wife, and likes rugby and gardening.

Fiona Barnett

Fiona is based in the UK and has worked with customers of Cargill’s Starch, Sweeteners and Texturizing portfolio for over 15 years in sales and sales management. Just over a year ago she started to work closely with our product development teams as a Business Development Manager for Food Starches. Here she collaborates with our technical experts to develop starches that meet our customers changing needs, such as in the label friendly space. Fiona runs (slowly) in her spare time where she listens to podcasts about food, and tries to set her 2 children an example that it’s normal to exercise.

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