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Podcast / Food Futures
Podcast / Food Futures

How will plant-based food and drink evolve in 2020?

As a really successful Veganuary wraps up many consumers who took the plunge for January will continue to consume plant-based food and drink in larger quantities than before. With statistics showing more and more people looking to reduce meat and dairy what will be driving new product development in the future, and is the industry ready?

In this Table Talk Podcast we pose these questions to businesses at the pointy-end of the supply chain, with guests from Deliveroo, Premier Foods, and Happen explain what innovation is happening, and how plant-based food and drink will evolve in 2020.

Joining host Stefan Gates this week are:

Kate Yateman-Smith, Marketing Controller, Premier Foods

After seven years at Diageo, and a year at Lindt, Kate moved to Premier Foods to deliver a new-to-world Health Brand as part of a strategic ambition. It has been an interesting and challenging journey to navigate the world of health, and now plant-based, but this is trend she firmly believes is only just getting started.

Tom Peters, Global Director New Businesses, Deliveroo

Tom Peters is Director, New Businesses at Deliveroo, the leading global food delivery platform. He has responsibility for launching new consumer concepts to help drive Deliveroo’s mission to become the definitive food company and feed people three times a day.

Suzanne Robinson, Managing Director, Happen UK

Suzanne is Managing Director of Happen UK. Part of Happen Group, this global innovation consultancy helps clients create commercially successful innovation in crowded consumer markets. Over the past 10 years Happen have incremented over $5Bn in revenue for their clients.

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