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Podcast / Food Futures
Podcast / Food Futures

How Danone is using technology to increase transparency for consumers

Consumers are demanding more transparency from the brands they purchase. Today’s shopper is focused on sustainability, and more than ever wants to know the story of the products they are buying. In this episode we find out how Danone is using technology to provide a window into that story.

In this podcast we talk to Danone, who are launching a new Track and Connect blockchain food traceability solution to its baby formula brands, to help consumers get a full picture of where the product has been from farm to fork. What challenges have they experienced, where do they see the technology going in the future, and why is it so important for them to provide this functionality for their customers?

To see an animated demonstration of the way this new functionality works, click here.

About our guest

Sumathi Manjunath, Director of Sustainability and Digital Infrastructure, Danone Specialized Nutrition

Danone manufactures sells and distributes dairy products, waters and specialised nutritional products, which include baby formulas across the world. Sumathi’s tenure in the company started in July 2011, initially working in Danone’s Middle East regional organisation as Supply chain Director, Quality lead & Country manager. After 2 years she was appointed plant manager for a Danone production facility in Ireland. She then moved on to the global team being responsible for defining SAP core model & implementation across all manufacturing sites within Danone’s Specialized Nutrition business. In 2017, she moved to Danone’s Specialized Nutrition Operations board as the Nature & Sustainability Director for the division moving quickly to also take Systems & Central Master data on board.

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