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Podcast / Inspiring stories
Podcast / Inspiring stories

How a beekeeper launched a sports nutrition brand

In the second of our Behind the Brand series, we catch up with Food Matters Live Awards Innovative natural and organic product of the year winner, Melligel, and find out how a beekeeper launched the brand Mellifera, has created a sports nutrition supplement from organic honey. 

What motivated a beekeeper to head down this path, and what are the potentials for organic honey within the sports nutrition sector? Join the conversation on Table Talk to find out.

About MelliGEL by Mellifera Ltd.

Carbohydrates are needed to fuel almost every type of activity as the amount of glycogen has a direct effect on physical and mental performance. Organic honey with its predominantly carb content is first class source used from the time of the first Olympian runners of the ancient Greece. Nowadays, there is numerous scientific documents and evidence that honey is the perfect fuel to consume before exercise in order to achieve both fast energy and endurance.

MelliGEL is the first 100% organic certified energy gel, which is also certified by Informed Sport as a product suitable for professional athletes. It’s all natural and raw food based on pure honey, herbal extracts, and superfoods which deliver the flavor – Raspberry, Spirulina, GingerCherry, Matcha, Guarana, CacaoMint, or Strawberry. MelliGEL provides the much needed energy for athletes and active people without the burden of any chemicals, GMO, and artificial additives. In addition, it stimulates immunity as honey and the other ingredients are bursting with enzymes, polyphenols, minerals, antioxidants, and adaptogens. Immediately after its launch in its home country (Bulgaria) it was recognized by the Bulgarian Tennis Federation as main sport nutrition for the national teams of professional tennis players. Acknowledgment of the Official partnership can be seen on

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