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Podcast / Career Conversations
Podcast / Career Conversations

Green Jobs: why we might be moving beyond sustainability roles

Dorothy Shaver is Global Marketing Sustainability Lead at Unilever – but how did a self-confessed “hippie at heart” end up working for one of the world’s biggest companies? And how does she go about getting it to think and act in a more sustainable way?

As part of our Green Jobs series, Dorothy joins Stefan Gates to talk about her journey. She reveals how she helped Unilever play a proactive role in creating a more sustainable food supply chain – through its Future 50 Foods initiative. 

She also shares her top advice for making it in the industry – and why she thinks we need to stop talking about sustainability and start talking about restoration and regeneration.

About our panel

Dorothy Shaver, Global Marketing Sustainability Lead, Unilever

Dorothy is a Registered Dietitian working in food sustainability with unique experience in, and passion for, driving behaviour change for positive health and environmental outcomes. Over the past fifteen years she has worked across media, retail, health care, and the fitness industry, championing food choices to enable personal and planetary health. 

Dorothy has helped to spearhead a lot of Unilever’s work on regenerative agriculture projects, including the Future 50 Foods initiative. The joint campaign between WWF and Unilever-owned Knorr, launched in 2019. It lists 50 plant-based foods which purport to have a lower impact on the environment than animal products and most other plants. The idea is to encourage consumers to make more sustainable choices by telling them what they should eat, rather than what they shouldn’t.

Dorothy is a guest blogger, podcast speaker, expert contributor and food writer spreading her positive passion and drive to get the masses to fall in love with food that is good for people and the planet. She currently lives in a canal house in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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