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Podcast / Food Futures
Podcast / Food Futures

What’s in store for the future of plant-based food?

The growth in demand for plant-based products continues. New tech developments are providing more opportunities to not only bring future plant-based diets into the mainstream, but make our plants work even harder to provide more protein.

In a fascinating and lively discussion we join three experts in the sector from The Meatless Farm Company, Natural, and Tasting the Future. Find out how the plant-based world is changing, what blockers still stand in the way of increased consumer adoption of plant-based food and drink, and what exciting developments lie ahead in the near future.

About our panel

Morten Toft Bech, Founder, Meatless Company

Morten is an entrepreneur and investor and started The Meatless Farm Co in 2016 with the ambition to help reduce overall meat consumption. He also aims to improve people’s health by promoting better eating, whilst supporting the environment and animal welfare.

The Meatless Farm Co’s plant-based products use a range of natural ingredients to create an experience that delivers on taste and texture and makes it easy to substitute meat. Morten has a background from finance and is a serial entrepreneur in the Technology sector. Combined with a passion for plant-based eating, he brings a wealth of business acumen and experience to The Meatless Farm Co.

Henrik Lund, CEO, Naturli

Henrik Lund is a front runner in shifting eating habits towards meat- and dairy-free alternatives. He is vegan and wishes to counter climate changes by distributing plant-based food to a broader audience. Led Naturli´ Foods to record earnings in 2018 and plans to grow further by taking on the United States next. Naturli’ Foods is present inn 16 markets around the world, from Norway to Australia. Naturli’ challenges long-established food products through sustainable product innovation, with the clear goal to offer people 1:1 non compromising plantbased food – it should not be a sacrifice choosing a meat and dairy free day.

Henrik Lund is 47 years old and has been in the FMCG business for more than 20 years. Since 2016, he has been CEO at Naturli and he has been in Naturli since 2010.

Mark Driscoll, Director, Tasting the Future

Having graduated from Wye College (London University) with a degree in Agriculture and environmental science, Mark has worked in the fields of sustainable development and sustainable food for over 25 years, having worked with organisations such as WWF and the National Trust. Mark has been involved in a wide range of innovative external food initiatives, working with governments and the food industry, both within the UK and globally. He sits on a number of governmental and business advisory boards and works with a number of global food businesses supporting the development of their sustainability strategies. In his spare time, Mark manages a smallholding in Herefordshire focussed on growing traditional varieties of fruit and vegetables.

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