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A selection of orange-coloured functional drinks on a wooden board
Podcast / Inside Food science
Podcast / Inside Food science

Functional drinks – more than just a question of taste

Functional beverages may have begun life as a niche part of the drinks market, but with them now generating billions of dollars in revenue globally, it is a sector that cannot be ignored.

Just go to your local supermarket or convenience store and see how many are on offer.

But where is the market heading? What are the latest developments in terms of ingredients? And what does the data show consumers are after?

In this episode, which is part of a short series made in partnership with Brenntag, we seek to answer those questions.

Functional drinks have a market value of around $120 billion and that covers a whole range of different products.

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Some are attractive to people looking to stay active and mentally alert, but there are lots of different reasons people are attracted to functional drinks.

The difficulty can be in seeing which way the market is moving and where the opportunities might be.

There are other challenges thrown up by adding functional ingredients to drinks, not least getting the flavour right.

Today’s functional drinks market is about offering more than just one benefit per beverage, and creating a product using multiple functional ingredients presents its own challenges and is a fine balancing act.

Brenntag share their expertise in this field, giving some insights into how they do it and how they work with their customers to meet their requirements on both functionality and taste.

Listen to the full episode to find out about the main trends in the market, why some flavours work better with specific ingredients, and the important role e-gaming could play in the future of functional beverages.

If you would like assistance from Brenntag with your development projects you can visit their booth at the upcoming Food Ingredients Europe show in Paris between 6th-8th December, or get in touch via their website


Brenntag’s Nutrition team is home for more than 900 technical and commercial experts who are passionate about food and sustainable nutrition.

In its 28 fully-equipped application and development centres worldwide the team has specialized technical service capabilities and offers excellent service in co-creating the solutions for tomorrow.

The team’s aim is to achieve the optimum balance in nutritional composition looking for healthier options and nutritious formulations that satisfy every appetite.

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