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An alternative protein burger, complete with bun, jalepenos, patty, red onion and lettuce. On a black table with a black background
Podcast / Food Futures
Podcast / Food Futures

How to get a slice of the alternative protein market

There is no doubt that the alternative protein market is growing, but how can food companies make their own mark in this area?

We are certainly hearing more and more about these products and there is no doubt that it has never been easier to find them on our supermarket shelves.

In this episode of the Food Matters Live podcast, made in partnership with Brenntag, we explore the challenges and the solutions for creating meat and dairy-free alternative products that excite the taste buds and entice consumers.

Meat-alternatives, in particular, throw up a number of challenges, but work is being done right around the world to get things like the taste, texture and nutrient profile just right.

And the prize for achieving those things is huge. It is predicted that the alternative protein market will grow to $26 billion by 2024.

So does that mean we are all about to adopt a vegetarian diet? It seems the answer is no, with a growing number of consumers declaring themselves to be flexitarian.

That throws up even more intriguing possibilities for producers, with hybrid products potentially taking centre stage.

It is sometimes a difficult world to navigate, which is where Brenntag comes in.

The company, with its knowledge of ingredients, market data and future trends, works with food producers to help them create the products they want to take to market.

Listen to the full episode to learn more about the current state of the alternative protein market and where it might be heading, how Brenntag works with its customers to develop new products, and listen to our host, Stefan Gates, take part in a taste test.

If you would like assistance from Brenntag with your development projects you can visit their booth at the upcoming Food Ingredients Europe show in Paris between 6th-8th December, or get in touch via their website


Brenntag’s Nutrition team is home for more than 900 technical and commercial experts who are passionate about food and sustainable nutrition.

In its 28 fully-equipped application and development centres worldwide the team has specialized technical service capabilities and offers excellent service in co-creating the solutions for tomorrow.

The team’s aim is to achieve the optimum balance in nutritional composition looking for healthier options and nutritious formulations that satisfy every appetite.

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