Disrupting the seed to plate supply chain

Tech innovation offers huge opportunities to make the supply chain more efficient and sustainable, de-risking previously challenging decisions for farmers and suppliers. What are the technologies that are going to have the most significant impact on the seed to plate supply chain? Join us as we explore the innovations on the horizon that promise to further disrupt the journey from seed to plate.

In this fascinating look at how the seed to plate supply chain is being disrupted, we join RethinkX, Eatable Adventures, iNewtrition, and the University of Reading to see how tech can truly revolutionise the way we produce food for the future.

About our panel

Catherine Tubb, Senior Research Analyst, RethinkX

Catherine Tubb is focused primarily on disruption in the agriculture and food industries and is co-author of RethinkX’s recent report “Rethinking Food & Agriculture 2020-2030”. Prior to joining RethinkX, she was a vice president at the equity research firm Sanford Bernstein, focusing on the chemicals sector, particularly the pesticide and fertilizer industries. Catherine has a PhD in Chemistry and a MSci in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University.

Dr David Christian Rose, Elizabeth Creak Associate Professor of Agricultural Innovation and Extension, University of Reading

Dr David Rose is Elizabeth Creak Associate Professor of Agricultural Innovation and Extension at the University of Reading. He works on technology adoption and behaviour change in farming, as well as exploring the ethics of the fourth technology revolution. He is also conducting research on the co-design of the new Environmental Land Management Scheme in England. Research students in the group are exploring the implications of precision livestock farming for animal welfare (Juliette Schillings) and how farming futures can be made more inclusive (Auvikki de Boon).

Raphaëlle O’Connor, Founder iNewtrition

Food Innovation expert with over 25 years’ experience working internationally for start ups and multinationals. After starting my career as a food scientist and technologist, I have led multiple technical, brand extension and business deployment projects with Johnson & Johnson, Wyeth, Pfizer and Nestle.

Paula Álvarez, Ecosystem Development Manager, Eatable Adventures

Paula Álvarez is responsible for analysing the different innovations encompassing the food system and integrating the relevant actors involved in Eatable Adventures Ecosystem. Eatable Adventures is a food business accelerator that connects new food ventures with main industry stakeholders through its online community www.gastroemprendedores.com and www.food.entrepreneurs.com. It helps organisations to understand the complexity of startups and selects the best approach towards successful partnerships. Paula holds a BSc Nutrition from the autonomous university of Madrid and a MSc Food Marketing and Product Development degree from Sheffield Hallam University.

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Disrupting the seed to plate supply chain