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Podcast / Food Futures
Podcast / Food Futures

Consumers need inspiration and indulgence. How will food brands and CPGs respond?

The pandemic has changed our day-to-day behaviours and following a year of lockdowns and restrictions consumers have adapted to new routines that have seen them spend more days and nights at home. With food a key part of new rituals, brands and manufacturers have tapped into the need for their customers to have indulgent experiences to break the monotony, with meal kits, subscription services, and delivery on demand competing with takeaway restaurants as consumers seek out indulgence and new experiences.

With lockdown easing, what’s next for brands and retailers who are providing these at-home indulgent experiences? Will people rush back to their previous habits of eating out, or will a new hybrid model take over? Joining Table Talk to discuss this fascinating subject is Suzanne Robinson, Director for Innovation in Consumer Goods and Retail at ?WhatIf!, an innovation agency that’s part of Accenture. She’ll explain how consumer rituals have changed, what trends are developing and will continue to grow over the year ahead, and what opportunities there are for food brands and CPGs to get ahead of consumer demand for new indulgences. Join the conversation on Table Talk.

Suzanne Robinson

Former UK MD for Happen Innovation, Suzanne is now Director for Innovation in Consumer Goods and Retail at ?WhatIf!. Suzanne explores emerging growth opportunities in the complex and yet exciting area of food for CPG and Retail clients. She unites her commercially proven foresight and insight expertise with the extensive Accenture resources to help accelerate innovation in this mature, competitive & fascinating food and beverage space.

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