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Podcast / Career Conversations
Podcast / Career Conversations

Career Conversations: ‘Be consistent about what you offer’

When Graeme Tomlinson started posting graphics on Instagram, it was just a side-hustle.

“I was a personal trainer who was doing this in their spare time,” he tells Elisa Roche in the second episode of the Career Conversations podcast series.

Over the course of a few years, he’d built his Instagram following to around 30,000, then all of a sudden, things took off.

“I think I’d done about 2,000 posts at that point,” he says. Today he’s only done about 800 more but he has over one million followers.

Graeme’s posts, under the name The Fitness Chef, are quite simple at first glance, but they are extremely effective.

Often he posts photos of two bits of food, maybe toast with avocado next to toast with chocolate spread, and highlights the surprising difference in calories.

So how did he become a social media superstar? How does he cope with being bombarded with requests for advice online? And why did he once lose his rag in a health food store?

Listen now to find out all of that, as well as Graeme’s top tip for building your personal brand online; be consistent about your identity and what it is you’re offering people.

Graeme Tomlinson – Nutrition Coach

Graeme is a Scottish nutrition coach and personal trainer. In March 2018, Graeme began posting on Instagram about the ironies, myths and pitfalls of diet plans.

With his trademark graphics and microblogs, he brought food facts to life, amassing hundreds of thousands of followers around the globe.

With their support, he continues his mission to show that quick-fix diet plans and food guilt are neither necessary nor effective, and a calorie deficit through adjustments to your existing diet is the only sustainable way to lose weight.

Graeme has released a new book in 2022 called Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind.

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